December Ipsy bag review. Also my first post!!!

This is my introductory post to my new blog. Thank you for reading and I really hope this gains some what of a following and we can become a little blog “family”.
A bit about me,I turn 20 on Jan 3 of 2016. I am in school for law and work at a nursing home but anything beauty related is for sure my biggest hobby. I am engaged to my amazing fiance who is in school to be an aerospace engineer and we have a 10 month old son who we gave up for open adoption. Besides my huge love for anything beauty related I am a huge nerd. I love the walking dead, grew up loving star wars, and I am a huge science freak.
Now that you know a bit about me, I would love to learn about you, eventually.

Now to the actual review.


The December 2015 ipsy bag review

I was not too impressed with this months bag. I will break it down product by product.

Formula x nail polish in revved up:
I apologize for not having the color to show you, but I had already pasted it on to a sister. But to sum up my opinion, I was not impressed. It took 4 coats to make it truly opaque and the metallic gold color just wasn’t for me.

Klorane floral water makeup remover:
This was a pretty nice little thing to receive. My fiance and I are currently on vacation visiting family in Kentucky, so this was a nice product to have in my carry on bag. The only down side for !e was that it burnt my eyes…but everything burns my eyes.

Pacifica natural lipstick in the color nudie red:
I love this product. It is very moisturizing and a beautiful color. I will for sure be purchasing more shades and getting back to you all.


Elizabeth Mott thank me later shadow primer
Another good travel item. There wasn’t anything too special about it though. My favorite is urban decays primer potion,  so if it doesn’t impress me more than that, it isn’t really that worth it to me.

Acure cell stimulating facial mask
My fiance and I both love this product. It surprisingly did a great job reducing acne break outs.

💛💛<3 thank you for reading

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