WTF Friday; a full brow kit for less that $5?!

While I was browsing amazon I came upon a product, from a company I had only heard a bit about on youtube. The brand, W7, is a UK based drugstore brand. They have a ton of products, I will link their site here.  The product I found on amazon though is the one I want to talk about today, The W7 Brow Parlor.

It comes in a really cute tin, but it is a bit bulky. If you are wondering what the Walking Dead thing is covering, it is covering a really great mirror! The kit includes a small tweezers, which actually are pretty nice and sturdy! I really liked using them for a quick pluck. It also comes with a small double ended brush. The spooly end is great, but the brush end is different. The brush itself is cut think and just didn’t work for my brows.

Let’s move on to the product!!


As you can tell the powders aren’t too pigmented…that can be bad or good! You don’t necessarily want a very pigmented brow powder, makes it very easy to over do it.

This is how my brows turned out with this kit:


I hate the wax, it did nothing at all to hold my brows in place. The highlighter is pretty nice, I may keep this kit just for that! But, as for the brow powder, it wore off after 4ish hours. BUT, it is only $4.99 so what could I really expect? I don’t recommend this kit for someone who is really use to doing their brows, but for a beginner I think this product would be great!

As always, thanks for reading,

xoxo Manda


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