Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr Concentrated Crayons (Entire Collection!!)Hot or Not?

These crayons make an AMAZING eye shadow base. They even aren’t too bad on their own. They are much cleaner and easier to use than the regular color tattoos. The are (obviously) in a crayon format and they screw up from the bottom, it is pretty nice.

I have swatches for each individual shade and some special comments for a few. Please keep in mind that the darker shades are not bendable, by that I mean they set very fast.

700 Barely Beige


705 Pink Parfait


I highly recommend this one! I have nothing else like it and I literally have 50 shadow sticks..

It is the perfect pastel base!!

715 Lavish Lavender


Even though this is a lighter color it sets fast!

720 Lilac Lust


The swatch does this product NO justice, but OMG this is the perfect base for a shimmery purple eyeshadow! Just like the one I got in my Ipsy bag this month! Read my previous posts on my page to find it(;.

725 Bronze Truffle


Again, sorry for the crap swatch lighting. This is another one that sets way too fast. But,

I really like it for that bronze water line look that has been popular, and it is not going anywhere.

730 Creamy Chocolate


735 Audacious Asphalt


This one….I really wanted it to be great. It is the ONLY one without a ton of shimmer, and it has a teal turn to it. It seems like it would be incredibly beautiful. But, it isn’t.

It doesn’t blend at all and it is very patchy. I was pretty disappointed, but I am determined to find away to make it work. It’s just to unique to give up.

740 Grey Crystal


This shade blends…it blends to straight up glitter! All the grey disappears.

745 Gold Rush


This one was the least pigmented of them all, and it was patchy. Which, really disappointed me because I really like gold shades.

750 Charcoal Chrome


This one was really nice. I just wish there was a shade darker.

Anyway, there you have it. This line was really hit or miss. But, over all I would say yes they are HOT. Here is the Ulta link, so you can get some for yourself. They are buy one get one half off at ULTA!!!!!

Thanks for checking out my post,

xoxo Manda

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