2 in 1 Tuesday. Maybelline dream velvet foundation and blender

A lot of hype has been coming from these products. A cheap blender and a foundation made for it? Sign me up! SO, me being me, I decided to check it out.


The formulation claims to be a gel-whipped formula. It really is smooth and velvety feeling. Upon application I thought it felt really good to the touch and on the skin. The blender is kind of strange. The best part of the beauty blender is the large end. This stick takes that part away. I understand that Maybelline is aiming to make it cleaner to use, but with a sponge so small, yes even after being wet, it takes a long time to blend the foundation out. Even in the way they have suggested.

4 Hours after application

This was four hours after the application. I would have taken a right after picture but I was in a rush to get to work. On parts of my face the foundation oxidized a bit, and the blending was not as good as I usually get from my beauty blender. The foundation also broke me out and caused some pretty bad itching on my chin area.

Now, just because I was not a fan of this product does not mean you will not like it.

I would love to hear all your opinions and advise with using these products as well.

Thanks for reading!

xoxo Manda

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