A quick SORRY and a small review! Maybelline Color Molten Shadows

Before I review the product I would like to say a quick sorry for the lack of posts this week. Besides my blog I am a full time college student and I have a full time job. This week has been very busy, but this weekend I promise to bust out a lot, and I also have purchased and received some pretty good products to review.

On to the review…

Maybelline Color Molten Cream Shadows


This review will feature much fewer pictures than most of my post, simply because I love all of these shadows!! The super shimmery top layer on most of the shades does go away, to reveal a beautiful cream shadow. They are all very easy to use and very blend-able. I actually recommended these to a friend who is just really getting into makeup. The only thing I question about this product is how fast will it dry up? It doesn’t exactly have a tight closure like the color tattoos do, but it also is not as creamy. Actually they are VERY comparable to the dreamy bouncy blushes in consistency. Anyway, I love these and really think everyone should try them out!

Thank you for reading, I had a long day before writing this post,

xoxo Manda

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