A Retail Therapy Find!

Those who are battling depression know how hard the days are when it hits bad out of nowhere. For me, today was one of those days. As I was getting off work I began to feel the tell-tale sings of falling into depression. So, I decided to do a little retail therapy to see if anything could help cheer me up. Really, I just didn’t want to allow myself to go home, get in bed, and distance myself from the world. Anyway, as I was wandering the random stores in my area, I stumbled into the almost uninhabited local K-Mart. While inside I found a little gem that I had previously missed out on…


The High Flying Colors palette from Wet n’ Wild’s Venice Beach Collection!(summer 2015.)


I know this is not the best palette (the fallout is crazy) but that is not the point. The point is I thought I missed out on it, but I didn’t. I guess that isn’t really the point either though. The point is, even small stupid things, like a $5 eyeshadow palette can help when you truly feel like everything will fall apart at any second.

So, if you are also struggling, from someone who has been fighting the struggle for 6 years to you….It’ll be okay, there will always be those random little things that pop up to help you remember why you shouldn’t give up- even something like shitty eyeshadow.

XOXO Manda

5 thoughts on “A Retail Therapy Find!

  1. gorgeousgeek36

    I love this post SO much! I’m kinda in the trying not to get depressed from everything that’s goin on.. And recently bought a lot… of elf stuff. Lol


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