L’Oreal Lumi Cushion Foundation Review & Thoughts


Let’s talk cushion foundation for a minuet, so you are aware of my stance on this type of product.I don’t like it, I understand it is good for travel and a big trend right now. But, to me it is just unsanitary. I really wish I could hop on the band wagon, but somethings I just can’t do.

Now, for the actual review.


(I have the shade name I used displayed above)

The coverage is pretty build able, which I appreciate. It did leave a very oily finish on my skin, I suppose that is the “lumi” part. I really felt the need to set it with powder. I usually do any way though.

The Look…beginning compared to the end of the day

At first, I really did not like this product. Just an FYI; I did not use the sponge in there, I used a flat top kabuki brush to apply the foundation. I know that isn’t the best way, but that sponge was not working out for me. In the beginning my face felt and looked very oily. After two hours of wear, I had to reapply powder, while doing so I noticed that it seemed to define my larger pores near my nose. You can tell a bit in the end of the day picture, that the foundation did oxidize on certain parts of my face. I am going to try a different shade though, just to see if it was the shade choice causing that. It is not all bad though. It is a VERY long wearing foundation, if I find a shade that matches me better, I may actually use it often, IF I can get myself over the sanitation aspect of it.

L’Oreal Lumi Cushion Link

I hope this review helped you decide if this is a product you would like to purchase or not! Thank you so much for reading,

XOXO Manda

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