New Wet N Wild Blushes and Highlighter!!!

I have never been so excited about drugstore products in my entire life, but Wet n Wild is my favorite drugstore brand and they have came out with a TON of new stuff, including new color icon blushes and a new megaglow high lighter! There are also a ton of other new products- but, worry not, I have also acquired all of those products as well and will review them all.



It is safe to say that the color icon blushes are a cult favorite. They are creamy, very pigmented, and extremely affordable. The new shades (as well as the original shades) have been released in new packaging and a sticker claiming it is a new formula. The only problem I have ever had with Wet n Wild is that their blushes and eye shadows are so soft that they break easily, I have recently traveled with the new blush in “Rose Champagne” and I had no problems with it! I am really loving the new formula.


This blush has visible chunks of glitter in the pan, but when swathed at applied to the cheeks, it is not as glittery as it seems to be. Which I really appreciate. This is also the closest to matte that the new blushes get, so if you dont like a sheen, you may want to pass on these products.

wnwbrThis is my FAVORITE new blush, I just can’t stop reaching for it! It is a great blush and highlight in one product.


This shade is just a bit deeper than Rose Champagne. I have found out, from a friend with a much deeper skin tone than mine, that this shade ended up being an amazing highlight shade! This really is a universal product.

New Wet n Wild Color Icon Ombre Blusheswnwob.jpg


Tons of brands, high-end and some drugstore, are coming out with ombre products. So, when I saw that there were now some that are extremely affordable I was pretty excited.

But, after the swatches and using them…I was less than impressed.

Mai Thi Buy You a Drink


The Princess Daiquiris



In a Purple Haze




As you can tell, all the shades are very shimmery. There also isn’t all that much pigmentation, and I have came to expect a lot of pigmentation in Wet n Wild products. I would have to say these blushes are a dud for me, personally.

Megaglo Highlight in Catwalk Pink


I really love this product, and the old megaglo highlighters as well. It is an amazing highlight for what it is intended to highlight, but the individual shades are also great to highlight the brow bone and inner corner of the eye with. GET YOUR HANDS ON THIS!

I hope these reviews helped you out, and that you enjoyed the read!

XOXO Manda

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