Wet n Wild NEW Au Naturel Palettes! Review and look!


I was very excited when I found out that my favorite drugstore brand was coming out with nude palettes! I am going to review these palettes as a pair, because it makes it much easier for me. Over all, these shadows are amazing! They are the same great pigmentation that I have come to expect from the color icon shadows, but they are less soft. That isn’t a bad thing though, I have a problem with the color icon shadows breaking, and these seem much more sturdy!

Bare Necessities

(The * are on the shades I used in the look I will have placed below)


Nude Awakening


These shadows are also very long wearing and lasted all through out my work day, with primer of course. If you see these I recommend you get them and try them for yourself! I do see how these shadows may not work for everyone, sense they are not as soft as wet n wild shadows usually are.

Thank you for reading!

XOXO Manda


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