*NEW* Hard Candy Products: A review quickie!


Hard Candy is a cosmetic line that is sold exclusively at Wal-Mart.  Any time I spot new items in this line I get pretty excited. They have actually came out with a lot of new products, but I am going to focus on the strobing cream, highlight and contour duo stick, and the strobing duo stick. Contour and highlighting duo ( comes in 2 color categories, I pick the light to medium one)


I recently tried the Wet n Wild contour dual stick, and I have to say I like that one much more. This one was a bit to thin for my liking. The shade was also a bit to warm on my skin.

The Strobing Duo in Lighten Up




There was too much shimmer in this product for my liking for its intended use, but it is beautiful as an inner corner of the eye highlight, both shades. So while it was a dud for its intended use, it is great for another.


Illuminate and Strobing mix in drops in white pearl

(sorry I could not get the strobing effect to show up on camera.)

I really did not like this product. It made my foundation way too thin, and it broke me out badly. But on a lighter note the bottle is really cute for decoration.


The Look

This is the look that I had when I was finished. I am pretty happy with how the contour turned out and how I was able to use the strobing stick. I hate the mix in drops. Would I say run out now and pick these products up? Hell no to the mix in drops. Maybe on the other two items.


I hope this review helped you navigate the difficult decision that is drug store contouring and strobing.

XOXO Manda

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