NYC New York Color X Demi Lovato*Lovatics*

Recently I noticed that the drugstore brand NYC New York Color, had come out with a new line, with Disney actress Demi Lovato. Before I start my review of the products I purchased I would like you to be aware that NYC is a very hit and miss brand with me, so I totally had no idea what to really expect with these products.

The Eye Shadow Palette


nyc1There is one eye shadow palette that came out with this line and, surprise surprise, it is ANOTHER drugstore neutrals palette. Yes, I understand that this is a hot trend, neutral eye palettes, but are this many really needed!?! But, that is off topics.   I was not disappointed with this palette. I have tried NYC eye shadows before and hated them, but this palette is actually pretty work able.


The shadows aren’t that incredibly pigmented ( I used MAC fix plus when I used them on my eyes) but they are much better in formulation than this brand has had before. If you are on a strict budget I think this is a great product to pick up. The shades are somewhat soft and very easy to blend. It is actually a very nice basic palette. The only thing I think is really missing is a deep matte shade and a very light shimmery shade.


The Mascara

nyc3I have never like NYC mascara. Even when I was really young and it was put on my eyes for cheer-leading and dance stuff I knew I hated it. This mascara claims to be lengthening and voluminous, and I really think it does its job! But, there are some down sides. The formula is very wet, and when you remove the wand from the tube not enough of the excess product is scraped off on the barrier. In case you were wondering I have the color black.

Here is what the wand looks like:


The heart shape is supposed to catch the lashes one by one to add length and volume, and for the around $3 price tag it does a darn good job.


The Lip and Cheek Tints


This product really wowed me! I usually hate liquid blush, it always dries way too fast and leaves strange marks on my skin, these did not to that. I picked up four colors cheeky pink,cheeky strawberry (my favorite), cheeky red, and cheeky berry. They leave the most beautiful natural flush on the cheeks and really stipples out nicely. No, I do not use the product as a lip tint. The taste is just so bad that I can not do it. But, I really would recommend picking up one that fits your taste in blush!


Above are the colors swatched in the order I previously listed them.


The look using the products


I am actually very satisfied with how this look turned out! Excuse my frumpy look, it is my one day off a week and I also have a really bad kidney infection. So you know one of those days.


Other products used:

  • Rimmel Fix and Perfect Pro Primer
  • Maybelline Better Skin Foundation
  • NYC liquid Eye Liner in Black
  • Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer in Light Bronze
  • L’oreal Brow Stylist Definer in blonde
  • L’oreal True Match pressed powder in porcelain


I really hope that ya’ll enjoyed this post! If you have tried these products out yourself let me know your thoughts! Any products you want me to review or try? Let me know!


XOXO Manda

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