$1.50 5 pan Matte palettes at Dollar General! * L.A. Colors*


*sorry for the poor picture quality, I may or may not have broken my camera*

While working, we usually have to stop by Dollar General at least once a day. We use the Skittles candles as “free gifts” to help achieve knock ins. I got in almost every house I knocked this week but 2! #Kirby :p

Anyway….during one of these stops I decided to look at the new makeup items, and was instantly pretty pumped when I saw these palettes! Everyone is trying the matte eye shadow look, but it can be pretty hard to find good quality, inexpensive matte palettes and shadows. That being said, any time I stumble upon matte palettes at the drug store I have to get them, especially if they are only $1.50!!

CEM471 Natural Linen


CEM472 Brown Tweed


CEM473 Purple Cashmere


CEM474 Blue Denim


CEM475 Black Lace


The Review:

I think that for the small $1.50 price tag that these palettes are pretty great! They are pretty pigmented, creamy, and very easy to blend. There is a lot of powder kick up, but the fallout can easily be cleaned up. If you are just starting up your makeup collection, these palettes would be a great way to accumulate some matte shadows. There is some over lap in the palettes with the black shade, but on the bright side it is very pigmented, so it’s not like it is an excess of a useless shade!

I did a look using Brown Tweed:

Thanks for reading! Have any type of request? Let me know!! I would also love to know you opinion on this look and product!

XoXo Manda

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