Wet n Wild Spring 2016 Collection!


I found the Wet n Wild spring 2016 collection at my local Kmart, but I am not as impressed with it as I wanted to be. The shadows do not have the typical awesome pigmentation that the color icon shadows are know for. The highlighters really just do not show up when applied to the face.



As you can see the pink crease shade has very little actual color to it, you just get a ton of spray over shimmer. In the look that I will have at the end of this post this is what I used on my eyes.



There is just so much flaky shimmer. And again the actual pigmentation of the shadows are not great, or even good. I would say to for sure skip the eye shadow palettes this time. Man, I really hate to say that because I am such a huge Wet n Wild fan.



I wanted to love these so badly. Maybe it was the way I applied it, and should play around with this product more, but it just did nothing. They are beautiful to look at in the pan, I wish it was the same way on the skin.

THE LOOK Light and Springy

Before anyone else says it, yes I know these pictures look terrible. I needed to get this post up and my selfie game with my camera is weak.

As you can see, the color of the shadows does not really show up when applied. And yes, I used fix plus. The highlighter is also a no show. All in all I would say skip these products, Wet n Wild has other products that are holy grail for me, but these were just a dud.


Thank you so much for reading! Any ideas, requests, suggestions, or thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

XoXo Manda

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