Broadway Colors: True Matte Lipstick $1.00 Matte lipstick!?

Who isn’t loving matte lipstick right now? I know I am. When I stumbled across The Broadway Colors True Matte Lipsticks at Dollar General for $1.00, I was pretty intrigued. This line of lipsticks features some crazy colors, which I think, is actually a good thing. Through out my childhood I was a cheer leader and really involved in theater. One thing I remember is how hard it was to find wild colored lip sticks. Weather it was for spirit day, or a costume I always wished I could get the colors I needed much easier than having to order a bit more expensive product online, that I would probably never use again.


Shades in order from left to right; Blackest black, Black, Lavenderism, Chalice, Dolphin, Where’s Nemo

Not only do they have some wild shades, But they obviously offer some everyday shades as well. ( NOTE: I did not pick up the pink shades that are offered, they were all sold out at my local Dollar General)


Shades in order from left to right; Juliet, Moscato Rose, Nude Rose, Sparkling Stone, Peach Macaroon

I would also like to make it known that a lot of these shades have corresponding nail polish colors to match, with the same name. The two I have with their corresponding nail polishes are Sparkling Stone and Where’s Nemo.

What I think over all?

If you just need a lipstick to wear for a school event or play or Halloween, etc.. I say yes for sure go for these! But, if you are wanting to get an everyday color to wear throughout your everyday life, these may not be the best. The reason I say this is because they are very drying. Which a lot of matte lipsticks are, but I found these very uncomfortable. They are also not long lasting, like, at all. I had to reapply them each time I wore them like 30 mins of application.

Have you tried this product? What do you think? Have any recommendations or requests? Let me know!

XOXO Manda

34 thoughts on “Broadway Colors: True Matte Lipstick $1.00 Matte lipstick!?

      1. Kaylee

        I wear “Where’s Nemo” pretty often and I love it. The color actually stays on pretty well (about 2 hours) but they are drying and they leave a little bit of a stain when you take them off.


  1. I was just curious to see how well these worked and for only $3 it wasn’t much of a risky buy. I got the colors pink drop and lemon pie. I was so surprised how much I actually liked a $3 lipstick when all my other lipsticks start at $23 each! I have dry lips and I still like these. Before I put it on I apply just a small amount of the Smiths rosebud salve from ulta. Then later, of they start to feel dry, I’ll put just a tiny bit more of the salve on. It’s definitely worth the buy to see if it works for you!


  2. Trista

    I love this brand!!! I own about 5 or 6 of them. They are $3 at my local DG but they stay on my lips perfectly and I just wore a light pink one and I didn’t reapply all day. I love the crazy colors they come in. Such a great find.


    1. Shontelisha R Bowman

      I am in Georgia, Atl and I just found them at my local FD. I have had so many people ask me where did you get your lipstick from because it is very pretty. Mind you I have full lips and I was apprehensive on wearing matte anything. I have 04 hello sunshine. I’m like for $3.99 seriously. It stays on while I eat and drink. I apply a light lip balm to decrease in the extensive drying. But other than 2 thumbs ☝.


  3. Andy

    I love these colors!! The blues tend to last all day, with minimal fading (though they are drying, and get flaky if you have dry lips already) I use a lip scrub nightly to avoid this, and a lip primer just like you would with other lipsticks, and the problem of them being too drying and fading COMPLETELY vanishes. These are my favorite lipsticks without a doubt, and I’m slowly but surely collecting every color they have!


    1. I couldn’t find anything on them! Which is a big reason I decided to pass all of mine along to my friend. But, sense I couldn’t find anything on the brand it came off as a NO to me. I may be wrong though!


  4. Christina

    I had to reply. The colors in this collection are “bold”! However I bought 5 shades that I found to be very flattering on “woman of color”. The colors I loved are: Black, chalice, Juliet, lemonade, and electric shot. I did apply product on thick. I did experience some transfer, but it wasn’t bad at all!! Totally love these lipsticks!! Not to mention, I never applied chap stick or any type of moisturizer and they truly were not over drying!! Less expensive product, but great lipstick between $1-2. USD. At Dollar General!!!!!!


  5. Linda Justice

    I am in love with the Sparkling Stone 03 but cant find it in any stores anyumore Where can I buy it and is it still being made?


  6. YaYa

    What state were these purchased? Every DG I have gone since last year have them priced for $3. Also, I think they are made from a parent factory and then distributed in different packaging for RK by Kiss. I have both brands and they are really good. But still wondering where you got them for $1?


  7. Jolly Henderson

    I purchased Juliet today and all that I can say is Buh By Kylie Lips – Hello Broadway Matte! It is not drying and stays on for hours. Give it a try!


  8. Tori

    I think this lipstick is atrocious. I have 04 Pink Drop and it seriously looks like I colored my lips with a crayon… and not even good crayon, like crayola… no this is like a roseart crayon, you know, the cheapy ones that still leaves lots of spots through the color? Yeah, those ones.
    I love l.a. colors lipsticks, and I figured I would give this one a go but I truly hate it.
    I love the nyx liquid suede, and my 2nd favorite matte lipstick is Magical Halo from wish.come lol

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  9. captainprecious

    I have always been wary of dollar lipsticks. Even with my high school girl budget, I find it better to get the ColourPop lipstick because I know the ingredients. I don’t want to ingest dollar store chemicals! I know some don’t care, but for me better ingredients is worth more money. Plus my skin is too sensitive for cheap makeup ☺️ Glad it works for others though!


  10. Lorie Pipkin

    I’ve been trying to order #12 Easter bunny true matte lipstick dollar general told me it was discontinued, I love that color is their somewhere else I can buy it


  11. Paige Tomljenovich

    I love the nude rose! I wear it everyday as a more neutral shade. I often find that matte anything dries out my lips and usually doesn’t look nice once it dries on my lips. I have taken to putting just a clear chapstick on before I apply this lipstick. Usually it lasts all day with me only having to reapply once or twice (usually after eating). I find that this usually works and once the chapstick has dried on my lips, the color is still left on almost as a lip stain.


  12. Tara

    I absolutely love it. Only problem is I can purchase it anywhere and can find it on internet. 14A true matte lipstick. If anyone knows where I can stock up please I form me.


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