NYC Get it All foundation stick. Yes, more drugstore.

Foundation sticks have been popping up everywhere lately. High end, drugstore, you name it. I had never tried one before, so I decided to grab a super cheap one from NYC that has come out with the new Demi Lovato collection.


(I am seeing this picture cut strange, do y’all see that as well?)
Packaging and size:
I want to begin this review with a complaint I usually don’t have. Why are you provided with such little product!? You only receive 0.24 Oz. Yes, the product is only $3.99 , but come on NYC there was much more room for product. If you remember the NYC BB Blushable cream sticks, it is the exact same packaging.

My shade is 001 light, for those with similar skin color.

The application:
As soon as I applied this product it was very evident that it is very drying. It was almost like I could feel the hydration sucked out of my face.
Once I began to blend it out it became pretty patchy. It was also pretty difficult to blend anyway considering it was SO DRY.

My face with only the foundation:


You can not really tell in the picture, but the coverage was very sheer. I mean it literally covered up no blemishes or scars.

After rest of face:


Concealer to the rescue! Along with the Rimmel  Stay Matte powder.

End of the day face:


After 2.5 hours it broke down almost completely. When I took this picture I pretty much had none of the foundation left.

Is it worth even the $3.99? No! This product did nothing but make me itchy. I was really hoping it would be good, it would have been a fantastic travel product.

Keep in mind, we all like different products, what sucks to me could become your holy grail.

So here is a product link to purchase the product.
Questions? Comments? Requests? Have you tried this product? Let me know!!

~xoxo manda

2 thoughts on “NYC Get it All foundation stick. Yes, more drugstore.

  1. Cindy

    I have been using this for a couple weeks, At first I liked it, but lately it has leaving my skin feeling dry and irritated. Too bad though – I thought it had decent coverage.


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