How I did my make-up in High School: A fun little throwback.


While getting ready this morning I was trying to figure out how I was going to attempt to look like a human being, I had a great idea. I wanted to do my make-up how I did back in the day, I have only been graduated since December 2013, but you get what I am saying! So, I raided my make-up collection to see if I still owned the same products that I used, and not so shockingly I had them all. Obviously not the EXACT same products I used, I have no interest in putting an avoidable concoction of bacteria on my face. If you want to know how I got my super simple look (which you can view below), and see what I think now about my old holy grail products, please keep reading <3.

The photos that you are currently seeing are pictures of 16 year old me. In all my rebellious glory. Funny story, I took these in my car in the St. Louis Zoo parking lot ($12 is way too expensive to park, but I was 16 and worked at Six Flags so I thought I was ballin’. The reason I remember this is because the next day a friend gave me my first tattoo. Like I said my rebellious glory.


And no, I did not spend ALL of my time being a rebellious teenager. I was also a cheerleader and dancer all through my childhood. This is from my freshman year before a Jamfest competition. Cheerleading and dance I actually why I did my makeup the way I did, it was quick, easy to do, and always looked appropriately timeless.

I use to hate clutter and only had makeup I would use up, now I am the exact opposite, people do change! I did it the same way, every single day, for 5 years straight. Using the same products and techniques. LET’S BEGIN!


I used the E.L.F Mineral infused primer, the Revlon Color Stay Foundation for dry/normal skin, the NYX Above and Beyond full coverage Concealer, the L’oreal Hydra Perfect powder in translucent. The foundation and primer are still my to die for holy grail face products, but unfortunately, the Too Faced Hangover RX primer has stolen my heart. I also have found many other concealers that I prefer much more than the aforementioned.The NYX primer creases insanely.


I used the E.L.F eyebrow kit in medium. I loved it when I was younger, but now at 20, so still super young, I hate it. I used it today for the first time in a while, not for me anymore. I always set my brows with a clear mascara, still do to this day.


My face felt naked all day! I never contoured my face when I was younger, so I did not today. I only used the Wet n Wild Blush in ” Heather Silk” and the NYC smooth skin bronzer in ” Sunny”. I STILL love both of these products. The flushed look that “Heather Silk” gives the cheeks is beautiful, and “Sunny” is still the perfect shade to warm up my fair skin tone.


My eye look was super easy. I put the Wet n Wild shadow in “creme brulee” all over my eye, lid to brow bone. I then lined my eyes with the NYC liquid eyeliner in “black”, putting a small flick at the end. I lined my waterline with Cliniques quick liner in “intense black”. I then used the L’oreal Double Extend mascara in “black.” I still use “creme brulle” almost daily, and the Clinique liner is and always will be my go to black liner. I opened a newly purchased NYC liquid liner today and noticed it was VERY watery and took a long time to dry, much more so than I remembered. Has anyone else had this problem? I still like the mascara, but there are many I prefer over it now.


Everyone knew that no matter what, everyday my lips would be red. I love the look of red lips, and was not shy about showing it. I used the Revlon Matte Balm in “Standout”. I still love this product with all my heart. I currently have one open and three back ups. It is the perfect shade of red for me, it is pretty long lasting, and very easy to touch up!


Me, recreating high school me’s look:


I will always love this look. It is classic, timeless, and very easy to achieve. Though I take more steps now, it is hard to go out with out my contour and highlight!

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my life and learning what some of my holy grail products are!


Comments,concerns, requests? Let me know! ❤

XoXo Manda

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