It’s Ipsy TIME! *April 2016*


april2016It is officially the best time of the month, IPSY TIME!!

Dream on, this month create looks that celebrate every side of your unique beauty- from natural and understated to high fashion and ultra- glam.”

Like every month we are going to start off with the bag itself. I am so in love with this bag. It is me to a tee. I am going to start using it as my daily makeup bag that I carry in my purse! Not only is it super cute, it seems to be very well made! Ipsy has come a long way with the quality and the style of the bags themselves.

Product #1:



Nth Degree Smoothing Moroccan Argan Oil & Keratin Hair Serum

Naturally I have very dry and frizzy hair. So, products like this kind of save me from looking like I got struck by lightning. Of course, I have a million of this kind of product, but there is something different about this one. It does not have that summery smell that most of these oils have, it has a real nice floral perfumy smell. I enjoy both smells, but it is always fun to mix it up. This is a pretty nice sample size for a hair serum, I get sent the ones that are in foil packages from other companies and just toss them.

You can buy the full size here, for $9.38 on sale. It is usually $14.

Product #2:


Star Looks Luxe long wear eye pencil in “jet”

I was really excited when I saw this in my bag. The Star Looks Luxe long wear eye pen is my favorite liquid liner, I have probably gone through 3 in the last year. I have wanted to try this pencil, but I have so many black pencils that I couldn’t justify the cost. Now that I have it though, I can never not have it. It is so creamy and pigmented. (see below)


But, that is not what makes it so great. Once it sets it does not move for anything! I sprayed water straight on it and wiped over it with a wash cloth, it did not move. I did this 3 times made no impact on the liner what so ever. I also tried getting it off with micellar water, it did not do much either. I guess its staying power could be considered bad if you don’t like waterproof liners, even though this one does not claim to be, it is.

Purchase it here for $16.00!

Product #3:


L.A.B ^2 Just Blending in Brush

I have seen this brand at my local Wal-Mart, but had yet tho try them. After using the one I received in my bag I am for sure getting more. Not only are they really soft and have cute names, but they are very inexpensive!

Get the “just blending in brush” for $6.99 here!

Product #4:


NudeStick Lip + Cheek Pencil in “Mystic”

I have toyed a lot with purchasing NudeStick products, but have put it off because I generally do not like products in this format. But, this product is much creamier than I assumed it would be. It is a pretty shade that gives you lips and cheeks a really nice flush. I am actually going to take it to the lake this weekend! Here is a swatch of the product.


Oh, and by the way, I know scent is an aspect that influences a lot of peoples beauty purchases, this product has no all.

Purchase the full size here for $24.00

Product #5:


Buxom Wildly Whipped Lightweight Liquid Lip stick in “Centerfold”

This is the product I was the most excited to receive. I love Buxom, so I knew I would love this product. I was correct. It is a beautiful color and the formula is fantastic! It isn’t even the slightest bit drying on the lips. Here is the swatch of my shade;


I am definitely going to purchase more shades. This product smells amazing by the way, just like vanilla.

Get the fullsize here for $21.00


I am very happy with this months bag! Look at you go Ipsy!

Comments, requests, concerns? Let me know! How was your Ipsy bag?

XoXo Manda


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