Spring Beauty Tag


1. Do you change up your makeup for the spring? If so, how?

I do in fact change up my makeup! I prefer for my foundation to be more light weight, for my lips to be in lighter colors, and my skin really bronze. My summer and spring makeup is essentially the same.

2. What is your favorite spring fragrance?


I LOVE how this stuff smells. Not only does it smell fantastic, the notes are supposed to be fresh apple and lily, but it also has aloe in it to moisturize your skin.

3. What will be your most worn accessory this spring?


I do not own much jewelry. My skin is extremely sensitive to nickel and other metals, so it is usually just a hassle to find pieces that won’t give me a reaction. I do, however, wear the same necklace everyday. It has a cross bow and a charm that say “Fight the dead fear the living.” I literally never take it off.

4. What will be your most worn clothing item?

I am not sure yet. I have yet to go shopping for new clothes, and nothing I have is really what I want to wear for spring.

5.What are your top 3 spring nail polishes?


Orly “Surfer Girl”

Essie ” Bikini so Teeny”

Wet n Wild ” Pardon my French”

6.Do you prefer pumps or sandals for the spring?

Sandals. I have a really messed up ankle of years of cheer leading and dace, as well as all the accidents that accompany them.

7. What is your favorite spring jacket?

Where I live it is either winter OR summer. It seems like spring and fall only stick around for a week. So I normally do not wear a jacket, I do however wear cardigans. As stated before I have not gone spring shopping yet.

8. What is your favorite flower?


I love Roses. They remind me of The Phantom of the Opera. Which is one of my favorite plays.

If you are reading this I tag you! ❤

XoXo Manda

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