Friday Faves and Flops!

I am aware that it is no longer Friday, I thought this post posted yesterday, when actually it just got saved in my drafts.

Let’s jump into the faves:

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Sensitive Version



I have crazy sensitive eyes. ANYTHING I used to clean my eye makeup off before I got this product burnt them so badly. I would go quite a bit of time after cleaning them off not being able to see correctly. I picked up this item at my local walmart and I am so glad that I did! They are apparently coming out with some for different skin types as well, which I am also pretty pumped about!

Cover Girl Oh! Sugar Lip Balm in “Soda” and “GumDrop”

I love tinted lip balms. They are easy to use, no hassle to reapply, and moisturize my super dry lips. I love these two deep colors in the line. The give a beautiful bitten lip type of flush to your lips. They are perfect for this time of year  and for the next few months. These guys also smell like the Bottle Caps candy, I love that stuff!

Broadway Nails Nail Polish Remover Pads


I got this product at my local Dollar General. The Fiance and I were on our way to visit family and I had to get my chipped up polish up my nails. I didn’t have much hope for these, but decided they would be the best to use in the car. I was so wrong about this product. 1 pad got all the polish off of 5 fingers, and I still had quite a bit of polish left! They also smell so much better than any other nail polish remover I have used. They are  only a $1.00!!

Now for my flop:

L.A. Colors Grafix Eyeliner


Seriously, come on. This is a liquid liner. Why does it apply like this!? Yes, it is worse on the eyes. I understand that this product is under $3, but so is Wet n’ Wilds, actually they are cheaper and work better!

What were your faves and flops for this week? Have you tired these products? Let’s talk!

XoXo Manda

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