Essence Liquid Lipstick *Review*


I am seriously a sucker for inexpensive makeup. I will try anything at least once. Some one has to right? They seems to be a lot of hidden gems in drugstore makeup, and I am determined to find more! Let’s see if we can call the Essence Liquid Lipsticks a gem.

I picked these up at Target a while back for $3.49. I figured that isn’t much money out of my pocket if they suck.



The two colors I was able to get my hands on was top; “03-Almost Real” and bottom; 02-“beauty secret”

Both of these swatch beautifully. Alright, I will go ahead and say it, they are beautiful!

But, in my opinion this product is not a liquid lip stick. It stays glossy, is sticky, and feels just like a gloss. This is just a really pigmented lip gloss, BUT not as pigmented as a liquid lip stick is. I know a lot of people hate lip gloss, but personally I enjoy it.

There is a vanilla like sent to this product, and it does linger, so if you don’t like scents I would pass on this. If you don’t like sticky gloss, I would pass on these. Finally, if you are going to buy these expecting a liquid lipstick, I would pass on these.

Over all, I like this product, it’s pretty, but I would not repurchase and I would not buy more shades. I do like the product enough, however; to finish up the 2 I have purchased. So, take that as you will.

Have you tried this product? What do you think?

XoXo Manda

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