*Skincare Review*(Malin + Goetz) Vitamin E Face Moisturizer


I know, I know. I said I was going to review the products from my BirchBox from April with the un-boxing of my may one. Change of plans. I decided to review them once I have finished the said products, so the impressions will be fresh on my mind, not just copied from notes I have written down.

The Price:

You can get this moisturizer on birchbox.com for $46.

The Claims: (birchbox break down)

“Give your skin an ample dose of daily vitamins with this oil-free moisturizer. Its lightweight, antioxidant-rich formula has intensely hydrating properties and provides pH balance for all skin types, especially those with sensitive skin.”

How to use:

“Apply a small amount to cleansed skin, avoiding eyes and particularly oily areas. For dry spots, simply increase the amount. This moisturizer also works well in the morning as a makeup primer.”

My Thoughts:

I received a sample size of this product, I included a full size picture taken from the internet for this post. I was pretty impressed with how many uses I got out of the small foil packet.

I suffer from very dry skin, and I have to say on the days I used this product I noticed a huge difference. It wasn’t greasy in the slightest, which tends to be an issue with moisturizers.

I really only have 2 complaints about this product. The smell, I cannot stand it! It is such a strange scent, I can’t even begin to describe it. My other complaint is the cost, $46?! It is truly a fantastic product, but I can not justify spending that much money on  a product that doesn’t have multiple benefits. If it had something in it that helped reduce acne or helped to even out your skin tone, the price would not be a problem, I could even forgive the scent.

Would I purchase?:

That is up in the air for me. But, it does lead me to a question for all of you. What is your favorite face moisturizer!?

X0X0 Manda


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