*Birch Box Sample Review* WEI Golden Root Purifying Mask


As you may have read, I received this product in my MY FIRST BIRCHBOX! April 2016. This is a small sample of the WEI Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask. You can purchase it for $42. It comes with 8 pods and a brush to apply the mask.

I want to point out that my little sample said that it was a one time use pod, resulting in no way to close the sample. But, when I applied a thin layer like instructed there was quite a bit of product left, I really hope it doesn’t just go to waste. I also am not sure if the pods in the full-sized set are like this as well.

BirchBox Break Down:

“Most mud masks feel like paper-mâché creations once they dry on our faces. Not so with this super-soft mask from WEI™. It purges all kinds of debris from your skin—from excess oil to environmental pollutants—leaving your pores nearly invisible. We love how the single-use pods come equipped with a handy brush to help you apply the mask evenly. The formula works for all skin types, even the most sensitive.”


on my birchbox card it says to “apply a thin layer, wait 10 mins, the rinse off with warm water.”

My Thoughts:

I love the smell of this mask. It smells a bit floral like and just the smell made me feel like my skin was cleaner already! I really enjoyed how easily the product applied and came off, usually masks are a huge fuss and I hate it. My skin has never felt so soft or smooth before, it kind of blew my mind. I feel like I will no longer like the masks I already own because of this product. My only complaint really is the packaging.

Would I Buy?

No, probably not. Just because of the packaging. Seems like a lot of money to potentially waste quite a bit of product.

Have you tried this mask? What is your favorite face mask??

XoXo Manda

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