*Makeup Declutter* Shades of Red Lip Products


I have a lot of red lip products. In fact, for a while, and by a while I mean 3 years, I only wore red lip products. It gave me a classic pin up vibe, and I really liked that-I still do. How different can shades of red really be? There is no reason to have 32 red lip products, I only have 2 lips. Let’s just jump into this before I freak myself out.

**I will also not be selling these, they will either be thrown away or given to close family or friends who already have my gross germs. Even though a lot of the were not used on my lips they were swacthed and for some reason I feel like no amount of sanitizing can help.

Lip Gloss:


For some reason with this picture the swatch companion did not transfer to my computer.

  • Out of the 4 glosses I am only keeping one. The L’oreal Infallible Pro Matte Gloss.
  • I am tossing the L.A. Girl Lip Paint. It bleeds very badly and smells really strong. To me it was a terrible product and the application is sort of sucky.
  • The 2 Revlon glosses I am putting in a bag for friends/family to go through.

Liquid Lip Sticks/Creams:

*In order from left to right; Jordana sweet Cream matte “Cherry Cobbler”, NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream ” Monte Carlo”, Kat Von D “Out Law”, Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid “Rebel Red”, NYX Liquid Suede “Cherry Skies”, NYX Liquid Suede “Kitten Heels”

  • I did not do too well with this category. The only one that I am getting rid of is the Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid. It is a bit too orange for me and the pigmentation is pretty bad.I am going to put it in the bag I mentioned before, maybe someone else will like it
  • The other 5 I really love and actually do use. I was pretty close to passing along the Kat Von D one because of how it bleeds on me, but it is almost gone so I decided to just finish it up.

Balms/ Lip Butters:


*Left to right: Wet n’ Wild Balm Stain “Red-y or Not”, Neutrogena Moisture Smooth “Rich Raisin”, Revlon Lip Butter “Watermelon”, Almay Smart Shade Lip Butter ” Red- Medium”

  • I decided to keep 2 of the 4. The Neutrogena because it really is a nice product, and the almay for the same reason. On “no makeup” type days I tend to reach for them.
  • I am passing on the Wet n’ Wild one because I just don’t use it. It gets to go to the bag. The Revlon Lip Butter is just really really old. Like when it originally came out old. I am just going to toss it.

Stick Like Form ( I am not sure how to describe this..):

* Left to right: NYX Simply Red “06”, Revlon Matte Balm “Standout” (3), omit the next one, Revlon Matte balm “Fiery”, Pacifica “Nudie Red”, ELF “Wine”, Maybelline Master Blur “Partner in Crimson”, Nars “Cruella”

  • I did pretty good with this one, in my opinion. I decided to get rid of my old Revlon Standout and keep my one I am using now and my unopened one.
  • I am keeping my NYX, ELF, Pacifica, and Nars items. (Yes, I am aware the Pacifica one isn’t red, but it said Nudie Red so I went with it)
  • I am passing along Revlon Fiery because it isn’t all that different from standout. I am also getting rid of the Master Blur because it is the same color as the Nars one. I am putting those in the bag for family to go through.

Actual Lipsticks:

*Left to right: MAC “Ruby Woo”, Maybelline Color Sensational Matte “Rich Ruby”, NYX High Voltage “20”, Bite “Pomegranate”, Wet n’ Wild “Cinnamon Spices”, Wet n’ Wild “Cherry Bomb”, Estee Lauder “Hot Kiss”, ELF “Ravishing Raisin”, Milani “Best Red”

  • Obviously I am keeping the MAC and Bite lipsticks, LOVE THEM. I am also keeping the Maybelline, NYX, We n’ Wild “Cherry Bomb”, and the Milani.
  • I am passing along Wet n’ Wild “Cinnamon Spices”, it just isn’t my color. I am also passing along the ELF one, It just isn’t as moisturizing as it claims, which is the reason I got it.
  • I am throwing away the Estee Lauder one, it is pretty old..

The Result!


I ended up getting rid of 12, which to me is pretty good.

What is your favorite red lip product? What is your favorite lip color? Show me your collection!

XoXo Manda

4 thoughts on “*Makeup Declutter* Shades of Red Lip Products

  1. You’re worse than me 🙂 My friends keep teasing me about the amount of red lipsticks I’ve got! One of my favourites is the MAC Ruby Woo and I own all shades in L’Oreal’s Colour Riche Red line! Such a great collection and good for you for decluttering, I’m not brave enough to do it! x


  2. aprimadewi

    Whoa those are a lot of lipsticks! I have Monte Carlo too, it is one of a red shade that actually looks flattering on me.
    I bet you look great in any red color since youve got so many of em 🙂


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