*Birch Box Sample Review* Briogeo Don’t Despair Repair Deep Conditioner


I got a sample of this product, pictured is the full size, in my April 2016 Birch Box. When I received this product I was pretty happy that I did, and I am still happy that I did!

Birch Box Break Down

“Teleport your tresses out of the Sahara with this ultrahydrating deep conditioning mask fortified with essential oils. A lifesaver for those suffering from dry, damaged, or lifeless hair, often the result of color treatments, heat tools, or climate changes, this blend of transformative hair nutrients will restore and replenish hair to a glossier, healthier state.”

How- To- Use

“Avocado, almond, and argan oils work together to nourish, repair, hydrate, and add shine. Strengthening keratin protein, conditioning rosehip oil, soothing aloe, and essential vitamins B5, D, A, E, and biotin help increase hair elasticity and moisture to prevent breakage. This formula is made without parabens, silicones, or phthalates.”

The Sample in General:

The sample I received was pretty good size and I got a few uses out of it. I actually still have a use or two left in it, so that is fantastic! The Full size is $26, here.

Smell, Texture, Etc:

This is possibly the best smelling hair product I have ever used. The amazing smell also lingers in my hair which is fantastic! This is a creamy white conditioner, just like any other. I also really like how simple the packaging is. It is really sleek and aesthetically pleasing and I am super into that lately. I also really like how natural this product is.

Would I Buy?

Oh yeah. I did just order a lot of natural and cruelty free body, hair, and skin care products. If for some reason I do not like the deep conditioner I purchased, I will definitely purchase this!

Have you tried this? What is your favorite deep conditioner?

XoXo Manda

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