*Makeup Declutter* Liquid/Gel Liners


I am actually starting to like decluttering. I am not AS anxious as I was at first, and deciding to go cruelty free really has helped me a lot. ALSO I want to announce that sense Josiah and I have moved into a new apartment, we finally got to get Pocket dogs! Rats, we got rats. I use to have rats and loved them to death. I decided too again have rats. I will have a post about them coming soon! Just wanted to share that little tidbit because I am so excited and in love with my 3 little pocket dogs. ❤

Now, on to the declutter.

It isn’t okay to have this many liners in general. Most are not open, and honestly most of these that I did use- I hated.

  • I am going to start with the 3 colorful packaged ones.  These are from Hard Candy. All three have strange looking pens. One is oval shaped (yellow one), one is the type that is made to do thick and thin lines (blue one), and the pink on has 3 little balls. All of these are black. Though they are CF I am passing these on. I haven’t used them, but I just don’t see myself doing it. I thought about reviewing them, but they are just too gimmicky.
  • Now I will go in order as pictured. Next is a Rimmel Scandaleyes one.- Passing this along for obvious reasons,and because I didn’t like it anyway.
  • L’oreal superstar- This is L’oreal so it is going. I also haven’t heard good things about it, so I have no idea why I purchased it. I never even used it.
  • NYC-This is the classic NYC liner that is super inexpensive and youtube loves. I however, am not too fond of it any longer. I am giving this dude to my mom, who loves it.
  • Essence long wear- I actually really like this. It is crazy affordable and it is CF. Win Win.
  • NYC HD Pen-Another one my mother is getting. I wasn’t to fond of this when I tried it. If I remember correctly the brush was a bit strange for me.
  • Essence Super Fine- Another win win for essence. CF and really affordable. It is great to create a wing with that is sharp enough to cut your enemies.
  • L’oreal Infallible 24hr- I had 2 of these pens. I must have forgot I purchased one. This product doesn’t suck completely, but it isn’t CF soooo giving to used one to a friend or family member and selling the unopened one.
  • Physicians Formula lash Enhancing liner- I really like this. While the pigmentation is not super black it is very long wearing. I am also a sucker for anything that claims to make my lashes longer. Super glad this is CF
  • Hard Candy Stroke of Gorgeous-  I thought I would hate this, but it is not that bad. Considering I only will have a few liners after this I am going to keep it.
  • Kat Von D Tattoo liner in “Trooper” – I have a full and sample size of this liner. I love it, I am keeping it and will continue to purchase it.
  • Benefit They’re Real- I am sadly passing these along, one is opened the other is not. Benefit sells in China, so is not CF. There fore, it is going away.
  • Essence Gel Liner-(Not Picture) This is the only gel liner I have in a pot. It is essence so I am keeping it. It also works very well!

What are your favorite gel/liquid liners? Which ones should I pick up?

XoXo Manda

5 thoughts on “*Makeup Declutter* Liquid/Gel Liners

      1. Ah it’s going so well! I’ve made the switch to most cruelty-free products but now just trying to finish up/gift non-CF products. I have a birchbox sub which makes it a little difficult bec not all the products they send are cruelty free. I’m having trouble finding a face wash/moisturizer I love that’s cruelty free 😦 my derm recommended CeraVe and I’ve been in love w it. My HG moisturizer. Have yet to find a CF alternative for it. :(( any recs??


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