*BoxyCharm Product Review* Make-Up Geek Blush “XoXo”


I had no idea that this blush was not released for sale yet and that we were getting to try it early, until I watched KathleenLights Unboxing video. That is so exciting! Makeup Geek has released a new formula and has repackaged her blushes, ohmygod I am in love!!

The packaging is beautiful, is a magnetic closure (which makes me happy), and has a nice sized mirror. Personally packaging of a product draws me in a lot, and this has me so roped in! Besides the packaging, the product is amazing! It is a beautiful peachy pink. The formula is so extremely soft and easy to blend!

Made with only the finest ingredients, Makeup Geek blushes blend effortlessly into the skin for a natural radiance. The finely milled powder guarantees a creamy, smooth consistency that glides onto cheeks and blends with ease. ” From the BoxyCharm site.

It really does leave a beautiful natural finish to the cheeks.

When this product is launched I am going to buy more shades! They are worth every bit of the $15 that they cost!

What makeup geek products do you recommend???

XoXo Manda

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