E.L.F Haul!


I just ordered a few things from ELF and I am here to haul my purchases! I haven’t gotten to try any of these products in depth yet, but I will be reviewing a few!

I want to start off with the things that I actually purchased.

E.L.F Daily hydration moisturizer- I got this because the moisturizer I was using started to aggravate my skin. I had heard great things about this one! It’ll be a nice thing to give a try!

E.L.F Acne Fighting Foundation- I got this in the lightest shade they have. I haven’t ever tried an E.L.F foundation, so I decided it would be good to try one that is more full coverage.

E.L.F Aqua Primer Mist- I still have yet to even open this product. I am excited to try it though, I like the concept and this one is such a great price!

ELF Cream Eye Liner in black- I have been wanting to try more gel/cream liners and decided theirs would be a nice one to try.

E.L.F Flat Liner Brush- I needed one for the use of fixing my brows and wings. I like elf brushes, and it isn’t much money out of my pocket if one is a dud.

I also got the Eleventh Gorgeous Pick Lip Kit!!! The youtube gurus Stephanie and Tracy have paired up with ELF to make a kit of their favorite ELF lip products. I saw this and obviously had to get it!


It comes with a Mint Lip Exfoliator, the Lip Plumper/ Primer duo, and 2 matte lip colors in “praline” and “Cranberry”.

I am pretty excited to try everything that I purchased! I love how affordable Elf, how great the product quality usually is, and how sleek it us all packaged!

I also got a few extras put in to my order! I used a code that is now expired.


I am wondering if the Precision Liquid Eyeliner is just their old one in new packaging? Guess I will find out!  I am also pretty interested in the Lip balm in “Nude” and the quad in “smokey”. I really do not think I am going to like the powder in “soft lumminance” Just seems well, dumb..

What are your favorite ELF products?

XoXo Manda

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