*Vegan Cuts Product Review* Routine Deodorant


My second Vegan Cuts product review! I have been wanting to try a natural deodorant, and I am very glad that I have finally gotten to. The deodorant is made out of vegan clay and other natural ingredients,  I miss placed the information card so I can not tell you what exactly they are for the one that I got. I got the Patchouli and vanilla scent- a scent that I am not obsessed with!

Aesthetics/ sample itself:

This little sample pod is so cute, look at the little green bird! After I finish it up I am going to wash out the container and use it to put foil packets in when I am trying them out! As small as this sample looks it is going a long way, I have used it almost every day sense I have gotten it and I thankfully still have some left. As I said before it smells amazing to me. If you are put off by grainy creams than you may not like this, the texture did take a bit of getting used to.

My thoughts:

I need to buy this! I never want another deodorant. This one works so well and lasts all day long, which surprised me because I haven’t heard the best things about natural deodorants. I will repurchase it IF I can find this same scent! You can get this product here, in various size (prices) and scents!

What is your favorite natural deodorant? Think you can help me find this scent in this product and others?

XoXo Manda


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