*Win or Waste?* Pixi Beauty Blush Duo “Rose Gold”


I got this blush/ highlighter duo in an Ipsy bag too long ago for me to remember, so instead of it being considered an Ipsy product, it is a win or waste review item!

I haven’t tried much from Pixi by Petra, although I want to, so the few products I have have really shaped my opinion of the brand. It is cruelty free, which is fantastic and you can get them at target. I did find the Pixi website and you can purchase this product on it still! See! And it comes with a kabuki brush!



Upon swatching I really was not impressed. The blush nor the high-lighter were all that pigmented and seemed like they would make very little to no impact. I personally do not see why they named this duo “rose gold” because the blush looks more coral to me, but to each their own.

On the Face:


I am not going to lie, I am very surprised by how much I like this high-lighter! I looks very natural and last a very long time. I really can see myself using it more often. The blush; however, is a different story. Upon first applying it, I thought it was very pretty. This lasted a whole MAYBE 30 mins, then it faded. I was pretty disappointed. Although this is sold at the drugstore it is a bit more expensive than the usual drug store blush, so I was expecting a more high end quality.

Final Verdict:

I am sorry to say this, but to me it is a waste. Although the highlight is great the duo really isn’t worth it. Not to mention I really dislike how both product are in the same pan, for me that usually does not generate good results. Now, if the high-light is sold alone I would say yes get it, but unfortunately I can not seem to find it.

What are your favorite pixi products?

XoXO Manda


One thought on “*Win or Waste?* Pixi Beauty Blush Duo “Rose Gold”

  1. I totally agree with your feelings on this product! I am obsessed with the highlight, but the blush leaves much to be desired! I wish it was just the highlight and then I would say it is awesome haha!


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