Vegan Cuts Summer Essentials Box Unboxing

vegan cuts

Instead of subscribing, for now, I decided to order their summer essentials box, which is just the April box. I got it for $23 with free shipping! The subscription box is $22.95 p/month with free us shipping. I am going to show ya’ll what came in that box, and what you can be expecting to see reviews on!

vegan cuts1

Enfusia Coriander and Rosewood Fiz and Foam Bathbomb:

I can’t say too much about this product before trying it. I can say that what I can tell through the packaging, it smells pretty great! Excited to see if the moisturizing oils that are in it work well. (It is a $2.50 value)

Eco-Lips Lip balm:

The next item is a lip balm, which I am pretty excited about, we all know I love a good lip balm. This item does not contain any bees wax, which I think is great. It is hard to find lip balms without bees wax, that I will actually like. I got the sweet mint flavor. I usually hate mint. It makes me think of people chewing gum, which I can not stand. It is one of my bad OCD triggers, even think of it is making me feel disgusted. BUT lately, I have been loving mint products for my face and lips. It feels so refreshing and knowing that it comes from such good products, I am slowly growing! From what I have experienced with this so far, I love it! We will find out soon my concluded opinion. ($2.50 value!)

CoCoKind Facial Repair Serum:

I haven’t heard anything about this product. I am pretty excited to try it and hope it does well with my very dry skin. It apparently has virgin coconut and avocado oil to help rejuvenate and moisturize skin. Here’s to hoping it works well! (This is a $14 value! Nice!)

Routine. Deodorant:

This will sound weird, but I am so excited for this! I want to get a vegan, natural deodorant so badly, and wanted to try the cream type to see if it will help me with my deodorant needs. I am really enjoying the smell ( Which is not on the sample pod, but hopefully I can figure it out)! I will be reviewing this very soon! ($2 value.)

Goddess Garden Face Sun Screen:

Make-up friendly, organic sun screen made for your face- protect and nourish with this premium blend of coconut oil, green tea, and immortelle flower oil.”

I have a feeling I will love this and use it a lot. Very useful, for all year round really! You always need SPF! ($5 value.)

Joshik Polish:

In the  bottle this shade is a very bright pink. Not really my thing.  I am going to give it a try though to review for you all and test out the brand! I am about to need a lot of nail stuff, hint hint.) ($12 value!)

What vegan beauty products do I need to try?

XoXo Manda


*Makup Declutter Eyeshadow*

I knew this would be the hardest part, and it was. Making my first sale of the products that I am selling, today helped me a lot though sense that money is going to a makeup order!

* I am not showing all the shadows I have remaining- or the ones I am starting with, because I have a few series planned, and I don’t want to spoil anything! Remember, my decluttering process is growing and I will be showing more shadows and other items that I will be passing in on, as they are decided on.*

Single Shadows


Lately I have had this strange need to buy single shadows. It was really hard to get rid of any, and the ones that I am passing along, I had to force myself to do. Let’s begin!

Wet n’ Wild “cheeky”- This pink is super powdery and way more trouble than it is worth. I am really liking shades of pink lately, but I have better shadows that are similar. Going to a family member

L’oreal “Green Promenade”- I really like this shadow line. I actually have kept a lot that I want to find cruelty free dupes of before I pass along. This one just isn’t pigmented, so I am going to let my family pick through this (along with a ton of other makeup) next weekend!

L’oreal “Argentic”- This is another shade that just isn’t pigmented. I am also passing this along to family. I have swatched it quite a bit.

Cover Girl “Tapestry taupe”, “Mink”, and “Brown Smoulder”- I am passing these all along for the same reason. I have these exact shades, but 1000 times better in cruelty free form. I have messed with these quite a bit, so I am going to give these to family and not sell. It was a bit hard to pass these along, because I do like them, but there is no sense in keeping a worse version of something I own.



Palettes weren’t as hard to move away from because I have SO many. Let’s just get into the ones I am passing along and where they are going.

NYC Lovatics BY Demi- I used this once, in a post. It is nice for the price, but I have so much like it. It also is not cruelty free, so might as well pass it along. I am going to sanitize and sell this item!

NYX Sex Bomb- I have never used this item and just don’t see myself reaching for it. I am going to sell it.

CoverGirl Notice Me Nudes- I bought this b/c of Tati and it just wasn’t as great as she made it seem. Not much pigmentation. Going to a family member sense I did use it quite a bit.

Revlon Photo Ready “Metropolitan” – I have only swatched this item, and I know my mom really likes it. She has used it. I am going to give it to her!

Wet n’ Wild Poster Child- I have played with this some, but I am never going to use this. I am just going to let it go to a family member before I change my mind!

Sonia Kashuk Eyes on Textured Nudes- I love the matte and shimmer version of this palette, but this one just doesn’t have the same pay off. I am going to also pass this on to my mom, she has been wanting shadows with more shimmer, maybe she can make use of this.

Wet n Wild I’m Getting Sun Burnt- This trio is really messy and the shadows are too soft. The super dark brown broke and has just mixed with the other shades. I am going to throw this one away.

Rimmel Afternoon Tea-This has like no pigmentation. I don’t even want to give it to someone else because it just sucks. Trash.

Hope you enjoyed this declutter! What shadows should I pick up? What types of looks do you want to see??

XoXo Manda

*BoxyCharm Product Review* Make-Up Geek Blush “XoXo”


I had no idea that this blush was not released for sale yet and that we were getting to try it early, until I watched KathleenLights Unboxing video. That is so exciting! Makeup Geek has released a new formula and has repackaged her blushes, ohmygod I am in love!!

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My First BoxyCharm *May 2016*


I finally get Boxy Charm! For mothers day, Josiah signed me up for a subscription, and I am so pumped! I have wanted to get boxy charm for a while, but never took the plunge. I am so glad that he took it for me!


Look at all the products! This months theme is spring vibes, and I definitely get that feeling from this box! For warning, I will not be swatching the products with this post, because I want to do more in depth posts of the products.

The first item in the box is The Makeup Geek Blush, in the shade “XoXo”- I was really excited to get this. I have never tried makeup geek, but have really wanted to. I am placing an order on the website, but I am really glad I get to try out a blush! This is in the compact, which is beautiful! Can’t wait to actually show it to and review it for ya’ll! This blush is $15.(Cruelty free by the way)

Ella+Mila Nail Polish- Another cruelty free item! I usually don’t mess with nail polish, I am just not that good at it. But, for you I will try! Super excited to review this product as well! It retails for $10.50, and just a little hint, the shade is BEAUTIFUL.

The Brow Gal Clear Brow Gel- I am about out of my brow gel from essence, so it will be nice to try a new one. The products are cruelty free and hypoallergenic which is great. This product is $20, don’t see how a clear gel could be worth $20, but I guess we will find out!

StarLooks Luxe Lipliner-I love star looks, but have never tried their lip liner, I am pretty excited to. It is $19.50!

PUR Double Ego- Duo Ended Eyeliner- I have never tried PUR, pretty excited to. I can’t wait to let you all know how I like this product. it is $21!

Catherine Malandrino Romance de Provence Deluxe Mini Sprayer 10ml-I have been wanting to try a new fragrance, and I love how this one smells! I will have a more in depth review, but so far I love it! it is $20.

What are you liking from boxycharm? What makeup geek products do I have to get?

XoXo Manda


My Lip Routine!

lip routine

Sorry that I have been a bit M.I.A lately, life has been busy! On to the post!

I have crazy dry lips, so I kind of obsess over my routine for them. Make note, I do this twice daily! Before I do my makeup and after I wash it all off.

I start by exfoliating my lips. I bounce around between the ones that I have, but my all time favorite, and most repurchased, is the Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub. It is $9 and I highly recommend it! I then use one of the 100’s of lip balm type products that I have to moisturize. I have been using my EOS in Honeydew Honey Suckle a lot lately, it is very spring like.

I also thought it would be fun to show you my most reached for lip paring, as of now, as well!

It is Milani’s lip liner in “Spice” and Pacifica’s power of love lipstick in “Nudie Red”. I love these two products. They are a beautiful pairing and feel fantastic on the lips. They also last a pretty long time on the lips, even through eating!

What is your lip routine?!

XoXo Manda

*Makeup Declutter* Liquid/Gel Liners


I am actually starting to like decluttering. I am not AS anxious as I was at first, and deciding to go cruelty free really has helped me a lot. ALSO I want to announce that sense Josiah and I have moved into a new apartment, we finally got to get Pocket dogs! Rats, we got rats. I use to have rats and loved them to death. I decided too again have rats. I will have a post about them coming soon! Just wanted to share that little tidbit because I am so excited and in love with my 3 little pocket dogs. ❤

Now, on to the declutter. Continue reading “*Makeup Declutter* Liquid/Gel Liners”

*Ipsy May 2016* Greetings from…


My Ipsy came the same day my Birch Box did. It was pretty nice. This month came with the card as usual, but it can be used as a post card to send back to them with little fill in the blank spots about your vacation. I am probably not going to do this. But, it is a nice gesture. The bag….OMG. I love the print. It is covered with different landmarks from around the world. There are also some elephants, kangaroos, and toucans. I wish it had a zipper instead of just a button, but I will still use this. Probably to carry lady products. Now let’s get in to the products.

INSPR Eye Full Fluff Brush


I love getting tools and brushes in my Ipsy bags. This brush is really soft and will be nice for the crease. I can’t really find anything about it’s cruelty free status so if you know, let me know. The was also a brush in some peoples Ipsy bags from the brand Glamour Dolls and it was decorated with whales, I wish I would have gotten that one just to have.

SmashBox X-Rated Mascara


Not too excited about this. This is not a brand I will use, for reasons I have probably made obvious by now. Even if I still used non-CF brands, I would not be excited about this. I haven’t heard many good things about this product, probably going to give this to my aunt.

Avene Miceller Water and Cleansing Lotion

imay20163 Okay, the Micellar samples are getting out of hand. I can’t find anything on this brands cruelty free status. Just that it was shady. But, I have some many micellar water things now that I am just going to give this to a friend who has been wanting to try one.

Mellow Cosmetics Lipstick in “Electro”

I am so excited about this product. The lipstick feels great and is a beautiful color. It is also from  CF brand, so now that I know a new one, if I like this product, I can order more! It is a matte lipstick, seems super soft, and smells really nice!

Peek Natural Lip Balm “Nom Nom”

Another CF item I am excited to get to try! I love lip balm, I have constant dry lips. This product also smells just like tea and I LOVE some tea! The tin in is in, with a slide off lid, is also very cute.

Overall, this isn’t the best Ipsy bag I have gotten, but there are a few things I am excited to try and review!

What do you think of these products? What did you get?

XoXO Manda

*Birch Box May 2016* Let’s Take the Party Outside Shall We?


I received my May Birch Box this week. It has been very hit and miss for me. I do want to express the fact that I will probably end up cancelling this box, then subscribe to the Vegan Cuts beauty box. But, for now let’s get in to this months box!


This is a $72 fragrance. But, the sample we received you can literally get for free if you ask a fragrance counter where it is sold. I am also not too big of a fan of this brand anyway, or this type of scent. “Attention grabbing scent features notes of berry and accents of honeysuckle.” 

I love honey suckle, it is the berry I do not like. I am probably just going to give this to someone to try. Or toss it.

I really wish this sample would have had more in it, but I do really like the scent. I also love this brand it is cruelty free, part of farm to face, and certified organic. The full-size is $32 and per what I decided to do last month, I will be reviewing this product after using it more through out this month!

I was really excited to receive this sample. I have heard Tracy and Stephanie of Eleventh gorgeous talk about it a lot. The smell is fantastic and the sample size if pretty good! the full-size is $23.50. I will also review this as the month goes on. The information I was able to find also says it is cruelty free, which makes me happy since I am in dire need of hair products now.

I have wanted to try eyeko and I am super glad that I have finally gotten to. It is claimed that this product is cruelty free AND vegan. You will see in a coming up post that I have had to pass on most of my liquid liner, so I hope I love this!


It dried so fast and  doesn’t budge! Yes, it does dry matte.

The full size of this is $30 and the sample size is pretty large and full. Perfect to test this out! Their website claims they are 80% organic, but I can’t find anything about a definite answer as to their cruelty free stance. Here’s to hoping they are!

What do you think of this months products!? What did you get? What are you most excited for me to review? Let’s talk!

XoXo Manda

Make-up Declutter: Primers


I had mentioned before how I have a real problem with letting things go. I have figured out a way to really allow myself to let things go and feel better as well. For four years I was a vegetarian. I am still an active member of a few different organizations that are centered around animal rights. I have been wanting to get  back to the life style I prefer, but had some medical issues that made it a bit hard.I am not going to discuss this in length, unless someone has specific questions, but I had an eating disorder during most of my teenage years and my parents and doctors shut down my vegetarian ways to make sure I was actually being healthy.   Now that I am stabilized and feel normal I want to get back to my old eating habits, the no meat aspect I mean. In fact, I have for the past 2 weeks and I am feeling fantastic. Along with that I want to go cruelty free. Now, I will continue to use brands such as Urban Decay who are CF but their parent companies aren’t. With time this may change, but for now this is how I am going to go about this.

I would really love any advice anyone has. Favorite CF products and brands? Also, recipes!! I am super excited about cooking lately and want to know other peoples favorites!!

On to the declutter!!

I only kept 3 of these primers, and the only reason I decided to keep the 3 was because the are almost empty.

  • Maybelline master prime blur+ illuminate
  • Maybelline Baby Skin
  • Rimmel Fix+Perfect

I also kept the Hard Candy primer because it is cruelty free, which is great because Hard Candy is really nice.

I also want to point out that my ELF Acne Solutions primer isn’t pictured because it is in my everyday makeup tray and I forgot about it. But it gets to stay anyway.

The other primers are barely used or not opened. I am selling these, except the one for dry skin my mom wants it.

I also did not picture my samples. 2 are NYX which get to stay, a few are smashbox, and one is benefit. I am tossing these in with products of mine people buy as a little extra. Well, except the Benefit one, it is about done!

I am VERY excited to start this journey and share it with all of you. If you are also on this journey let’s talk about it!

XoXo Manda