*Win or Waste* ELF Daily Facial Cleanser


I reviewed the moisturizer, I might as well go ahead and review its companion face wash! 

I know I have been doing A LOT of reviews recently, but I promise there is more of that and other things to come!

This cleanser is $7 on the ELF website. I purchased mine at target while I was in a pinch, and I believe I payed $8 for it. I wanted a cruelty free face wash, and decided to go with the ELF one, do to an online order I had just ordered at the time.

I really enjoy that light blue packaging, The robins egg (almost, anyway) blue shade is one of my favorite colors! Packaging really draws me in if you can’t tell by now.


“This gentle cleanser removes everyday impurities, dirt, and makeup for skin that feels clean and renewed. It’s infused with Purified Water to help hydrate the skin with a refreshing splash of moisture.”

My Thoughts:

I am really disappointed with this product. It does literally nothing it claims. After using it my skin still feels dirty and it really doesn’t take mush of the impurities off. Upon first using it, it does seem really moisturizing. But, after a little while my skin would feel dry again. Kind of like what petroleum does, makes your skin feel very hydrated for a bit than after a little bit you feel the need to go back and apply more.


0/10 would buy again. This product does nothing! Yes, the price point is great as is the availability, but I would rather spend the extra money to get a product that works.

What face wash do you recommend??

XoXo Manda



10 thoughts on “*Win or Waste* ELF Daily Facial Cleanser

      1. I got it in one of their maven boxes and absolutely loved it! It’s so light-weight and removes all my makeup without breaking me out. Highly recommend it 👍🏾👍🏾


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