May 2016 Vegan Cuts Unboxing!


After getting the Summer Essentials Box, I decided to actually subscribe to the VeganCuts beauty box! Here is what the website says about it;

“The easiest way to discover cruelty-free brands without committing to full-size products or prices. Each month you’ll receive a delivery of 4-7 new products to try, ranging from unique cosmetics to luxurious skincare.”

The box is $22.95 per month with free shipping. It is a little more expensive than other subscription boxes, but you also get more and more full-sizes than others. Let’s jump in!

Ever Clen Facial Toner Spray: “Fragrance-free hydrating facial toner for sensitive skin that will keep you feeling fresh and radiant.” $15 value!!

My first impression of this product is great! There really is no fragrance, which is great because toner usually don’t smell the best. I love using it through out my no makeup days. It makes my skin super dewy, I really do feel radiant when using it! It has helped my dry skin a lot, and if you have read any of my past posts I have been looking for something to help my dry sensitive skin.

Terre Mere Cosmetics Blush/Contour brush:Sleek, professional brush to bring out your natural glow and conquer your contouring.” $34 value!!

These 2 product alone have already made the box worth its cost plus more! How great is it to get expensive brushes in boxes like this!? I have yet to use this brush, but isn’t it beautiful?!

Use the code VEGANCUTS for 50% off your entire order! *Expires 6/30/16

The Amazing Facial Serum by The Granola Goat: “Unique face serum of red raspberry seed oil and sea buck-thorn berry oil create a nourishing blend for the skin.” The sample is  $4 value, but the full-size is $24!

I have yet to try this product, but plan to soon! The packaging is so cute, goats are my favorite animal! I really like receiving things from Etsy shops, I love supporting small businesses.

We got a coupon code in the box for this site use VEGANCUTS for 10% off of your order!

Medusa’s Makeup Bronzer in “Sun Kissed”: You could either receive a lipgloss, blush, or bronzer. I was hoping for the lip gloss but oh well! I love indie brands. I plan to start ordering a lot from different indie brands, I always think it is so fun to read other peoples posts about them, why not make my own! $9 – $12 Value!

I am really hoping the bronzer isn’t too dark for me, but if it is I will probably end up using it as an eye shadow.


Molly Rose Balm Body Scrub “Basil and Grape fruit”: Exfoliating body scrub with an earthly basil and zesty grapefruit comb for that squeaky clean skin.” Sample size is a $2 value, full-size is $10.

I usually hate grapefruit, but mixed with the basil it smells amazing. I have already used this product, and it is the BEST body scrub I have ever used. It made me feel so fresh and clean. I highly recommend it. I am making an order on this site in the very near future.

Discount code! use VEGANBEAUTY on the site and receive 20% all orders of $20 or more!


Mays’ box was amazing! I am really exited to see what the future months bring!

Have you tried this box? What are your favorite vegan products??

XoXO Manda




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