*Win or Waste?* Shaaanxo Palette


I recently got the Shaaan XO Palette from BH Cosmetics. This palette has been all over the place, since ShaaanXO is a pretty popular You Tuber. Her channel is amazing and she does some amazing looks, you really should check it out some time!

The palette is $14.50!


The palette is made of cardboard, which I personally do not prefer. But, for its inexpensive price I guess you can’t really expect more than that. On the other hand, it is so cute! I love the light pink and silver together, even though I am not too fond of pink. I really appreciate that the cream (lipstick) and the shadows are kept separately, a lot of palettes are not this way and it just really creates a mess! Over all I am going to give the aesthetics a 9/10 losing 1 point for it being cardboard.

The Lipsticks:


I am going to be 100% honest. I do not like the lipsticks. They do not last long at all, the transfer is really bad, and I do not like the format. I just don’t like using lipsticks out of a pan, it is just one of my little quirks.


I am going to give this part a 0/10 just because I will get no use out of it. Some people may really love this though. It would be great to make your own shades with, I may end up changing my mind.

The Shadows:


I am just going to cut to this chase. Holy flying spaghetti monster I love these shadows! They are all pigmented, the shimmers a bit more than the mattes, there is a duo chrome shade (2nd to last), and there are some really great staple shades (for me at least)! I recently threw out my Creme Brulee by Wet n’ Wild and the cream matte shade in this palette has quickly taken its place.


LOOK AT THOSE SWATCHES!! 10/10 you need these shadows.

The Look:

 I really dig the look I came up with, and don’t worry much more to come! The shades are not named, so I will be referring to them by numbers.

  • I used the 1st shade after I applied my primer to set everything and help the other shadows blend better.
  • I then went in with the 5th shade in my crease and the outer 2/3rd of my lid.
  • I then used the matte red shade to deepen my crease and my outer “V”. I also smudged this shade under my eye.
  • To blend everything I used the matte peach (probably my favorite shade).
  • I then used the 3rd shade on my lid.
  • I used the 2nd shade on my inner corner and brow bone. I also used this shade to high light the rest of my face, it worked great!

I used the Urban Decay Primer Potion, Kat Von D Tattoo liner “Trooper”, and the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

I wore this look for about 10 hours and it didn’t start to muddy together until about the 8 hour mark, which I think is fantastic. I really do think this palette is a WIN.Even if it has 9 lipstick pans I will probably never use.

Have you tried this palette? What is your favorite look to do with it? What other BH products should I order? Or palettes in general? Let’s discuss!

XoXO Manda


7 thoughts on “*Win or Waste?* Shaaanxo Palette

  1. I love Shaaanxo! This palette looks lovely – especially the eyeshadows. I’ve looked at BH cosmetics palettes before and contemplated them because they look so beautiful! And them swatches!! 😍 . Great post, I loved reading it! xo


  2. I’m so glad I ran across your review! I just ordered this palette yesterday because the shadows were so gorgeous, and I am excited to try the lipsticks. I’ve never used a lipstick palette before, but I do like the idea of not hoarding 20 lipstick tubes in my bag. But if the lipsticks don’t work out for me, I think the shadows will still make it worth the price!


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