*Win or Waste?* Colour Pop x Kathleen Lights: Where the Light is


This little quad has been out for a while. I however, finally took the Colour Pop plunge, so I have only just purchased it.

This quad comes with 2 mattes ( Glow and Cornelius) and 2 metallic shades (KathleenLights and Blaze)


You can buy these shades all together for $20 or separately for $5 each. I thought it was strange that you get no kind of discount, even a small one, for buying them as a set. But, I digress.


The packaging is simple, but that is not a bad thing. I prefer something sleek and uniform over something flashy. The cap is a screw top, so that the cream product inside will not dry out.It also seems pretty sturdy, so there is no fear of it breaking. I do think the shades in the quad go nicely together. 10/10 for the packaging.

The Mattes:

I was less than impressed with the mattes. I applied it with my fingers, and it didn’t do much. I then used a brush, which was essentially pointless. I want to figure out how to make the matte shadows out, but until I do that, I will not be purchasing any more matte shadows from Colour Pop.

The Metallics:

The shades are great! They are pigmented, they blend nicely, and a just plain beautiful! I can really see myself using these a ton. I am for sure purchasing more.

Over all I give these shadows a 2/4 (4 instead of 10 because there are four shades).

My first look with these shadows:

I tried not pulling in other shades, to give the full effect. I honestly would rather have had pulled in some other shadows, but whatever. I do really really love how KathleenLights and Blaze turned out, aren’t they beautiful! I tried to use Cornelius in the crease and Glow as a highlight shade. I used KathleenLights on my lid and Blaze LIGHTLY to define my outer V and my crease a bit.


I would recommend skipping the matte shades and just getting the 2 metallic ones.

Can anyone give me some pointers on making the matte shades work?

What Colour Pop items do I need to get or do you want to see used and swatched?

XoXO Manda


8 thoughts on “*Win or Waste?* Colour Pop x Kathleen Lights: Where the Light is

  1. Those metallics are so nice looking! I’ve used ColourPop mattes from their KaePop quad (and also don’t understand why it’s still $20 – maybe the discount is that the packaging is free?) and I’ve found that if I’m putting them in my crease, it works best with a fluffy synthetic brush and you just spend like 5-10 seconds swirling it around in circles. Then when I put them on my lid, they go on much better with my finger and you still have to rub in circular motions to pick up the product! Don’t know if that’ll help, but at least the metallics are working well!


  2. I don’t know if it helps at all but your fingers work sooo much better to blend these shadows! They work a ton better when blended with your finger rather than a brush 🙂 the matte shades are also gorgeous on the inner parts of your eye and used alone!


  3. I actually love Cornelious as a transition shade but I have to use my finger and swipe it on like 4 times to get decent color payoff. :/ I want to try one of her metallics tho, they seem pretty!!


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