June 2016 Birch Box Unboxing


Oh Birch Box. I have no idea why I still haven’t cancelled you. The box itself this month is super cute though, going in my living room. Let’s just jump into what I got this month. As usually all subscription products will be reviewed through out the month.


clairSEA Rapid Detox Charcoal Exfoliate Full size $18: I have never tried a face detox, so I am pretty excited to try this.”Made with sea salt and scorched bamboo, this all natural scrub battles black heads and oil.” I have been having a big black head problem, so hopefully this helps.

Coola mineral face spf 3o unscented matte face tint full size $36: After my last coola sample experience, I am not too excited for this. But, I will try it and review it for y’all!

Evologie Intensive Blemish Serum Full Size $35: Apparently this serum also tackles scars and hyper pigmentation. We will see reader, we will see.

Orbie Dry Texturizing Spray Ful size $44: I have heard great things about this brand and I am super glad that I finally get to try one of their products!

The Beauty Crop PB&J Smoothie Stick “Raisin the roof” Full size $14.95: First off, is this products name not precious? I will be trying this out and reviewing it, I really hop that I love it. Apparently it contains sweet almond oil, sounds nice.

What was in your Birch Box?!

XoXo Mandainfo

3 thoughts on “June 2016 Birch Box Unboxing

  1. lizzgold

    I’m so annoyed, I cancelled my Birchbox last month and I’ve been wanting to dry that Oribe spray for months! I’m reluctant because it’s so expensive. SO frustrating!


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