A Cruelty Free Eye ShadowDupe for a Cult Favorite!


As some of you may now, I am trying to convert my entire beauty collection cruelty free. While I have been able to give away and donate ( I only donated and sold un-opened items) most of my non- CF products there were some that I loved way too much to pass along with out finding a dupe.

One of these products being the cult favorite L’oreal Infallible shadow in the shade “Amber Rush”. This product also happens to be a dupe for one of the MAC pigments, I believe in the shade “Tan”. While researching replacement products I stumbled upon a post stating that Colour Pop’s “Amaze” is a good CF dupe for these products. So obviously I ordered it.


I apologize for the shotty packaging on my “Amber Rush” lid. I am really bad about peeling the labels off things, resulting in me having to sharpie on the shade names.

Side by side in the pans they look pretty similar, “Amber Rush” may be a bit more red.


When swatched, you can really see that “Amber Rush ” is a bit more red/orange. The consistency is not the same, but the color is pretty similar. I wouldn’t say that this is a dupe, but it is a good alternative!

What do you think?

XoXO Manda


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