June 2016 Vegan Cuts Unboxing!


Came home from a trip to St.Louis and saw that my June Vegan Cuts  Box arrived. I love Vegan Cuts, so as soon as I got inside I tore into it. This Box is $22 p/m, all vegan, CF, and in my opinion way more than worth the price.I also want to clarify that the prices listed are the prices of the size received, not the full size product. Unless the product in the box is full sized.

The Contents:

Clarisea Sea Salt Solutions Rapid Detox Exfoliant: If you are wondering, yes I did get this product already in another box this month. Am I mad? Hell no. I tried this product and love it! I am pretty glad that I now have a back up of it. The sample size value is $3.

Mai Couture Oil Blotting Papers: I would have preferred something else, I have no problem using ELF’s super cheap blotting papers. But, these do have Vitamin C and E in them so maybe they will be awesome. Apparently it is $12 for 100 sheets, so they better be awesome.

Ofra Liquid Lipstick in “Laguna Beach”: I am really new to Ofra, so I am glad I get to try another product. The shade is really pretty and it smells great. If I end up liking this I will probably start to dip my toes more into the Ofra waters.vc2

Glow For a Cause Solid Perfume “Wish” : I have just recently heard of this brand, and solid perfumes in general. I am excited to try and review this product. My little card says that this is a special edition scent (which smells amazing) and is an $18 value! It has bergamont in it, along with white tea…two of my favorite scents!!

Solar Protective Moisturizer from Devita: I am all about some SPF and moisturizer, so I love getting these types of products, even if they are sample size.This product has SPF 3o and is a $5 value.

Pure Sol Konjac Facial Sponge: I have never tried this type of sponge. They have been pretty popular lately and was planning to buy one- now I don’t have to! I will let y’all know how this works for me. It is a $10 value.

Have you tried these items? What are your must have Ofra products? What are your must have vegan items?

XoXo Manda


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