Cranberry Wing


I was looking through my eye shadows when I decided that I wanted to do something I have never tried to do before, a colored wing.

I misplaced my Inglot Duraline, so I couldn’t use a regular shadow and decided to try it with a Colour Pop shadow, in this case “Porter”. This is one of Kathleen Lights shades, and it is beautiful!

  • I used it very lightly and defused on the outer third of my eye and the crease.
  • I then took the more shimmery white shadow from the Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye palette in my lid.
  • I used the Essence Super Fine Eyeliner pen to do the thicker black strip on my eye and did a small wing with it.
  • I then went in with porter again and an angled liner brush to make a bigger wing . I did go around the small black wing with it, in person due to the over lapping it created a really pretty omber effect.


I know it isn’t the best, I was just sort of messing around. I really hope to improve my skills so I can do more fun looks like this (but better).

Thanks for reading. What are your favorite colorful shadows?

XoXo Manda

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