My Make-up Wish List!


I see A TON of y’all doing this type of post, which in turn has fueled me to do the same! I am addicted to makeup and beauty shopping. I love reviewing it for my baby (my blog), I love playing with it, and I love using it on other people. So, needless to say I have a ton of stuff I want to get. Let’s just get this started, because there is a ton!

Both of the UD Naked Basics Palettes



I know I do not need both, but I realllllly like matte neutrals. I use them for my face, my eyes, and my brows. I feel like I just need to own them.

Too Face and Nikki Tutorials The Power of Makeup



I love Nikkie and I LOVE Too Faced. I have my planner marked and it is marked in my phone for this sets release date. It is so so pretty! I am a sucker for LE stuff. Especially when it has people I look up to involved with it.

Makeup Revolution Neutrals Vs. New-Trails Palette

Pic Pesto

I have heard that this is a great alternative for the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette. I honestly want both, but for the sake of my sanity I am only thinking about this one.

ABH Moon Child Highlighter Palette


Sauce, again

Mother of Jesus, just look at it. SO different and beautiful. And the name really attracts me for some reason. I need to get my hands on it, ASAP.


Literally everything from Lunatick Cosmetic Labs. The brand really appeals to me, I want it all so bad!

That’s all for this installment! What is on your wishlist/shopping list?

XoXo Manda

Wet N’ Wild Mega Slicks Lip Gloss *Gem or Dud?*


What’s up everyone?!

I bring you a review of the Wet N’ Wild glosses that I have purchased and been trying out. Lip glosses have seemed to become more popular lately, which is nice. I, personally, tend to be more neutral towards lip gloss…I could take it or leave it. Colour Pop recently released their gloss line, so I thought, “why not review one even more inexpensive?” Only $1.99! They have a wide a-ray or not so crazy shades, and I am going to show you 6 of the 17 shades. You can see the rest here.


I really like the packaging. The part that contains the product is plastic, the lid is a thinner metal type material. I do wish the lid was a little thicker, but I will take what I can get for the price The packaging isn’t colorful or crowded, it is simple with just the brand name and a few details. If you have read any of my previous posts you know this is what I prefer. The shade however, is only labeled on a sticker on the bottom, which kind of sucks. I would really rather it be printed on the packaging.The smell is faintly vanilla, but not to were it is overwhelming.



Not pictured “Crystal Clear” (It’s just a clear gloss), “Sun Glaze”, “Sinless”,  “Rose Gold”, “Berry Bronze”, and “Wined and Dined”

Besides the clear gloss and the last one, the shades all have some type of shimmer to them. Which, is okay with me, when I reach for a gloss it is usually just because I am too lazy to do anything. Unless I want a clear gloss. Anyway, MY faves are  “Crystal Clear”, “Sun Glaze”, and “Rose Gold”.

I do not really like the other 3, because they have too much pigment. They are a bit sticky, so my hair would get caught in them, which resulted in strikes on my face. Especially with “Wined and Dined”! I do really like “Berry Bronze” as a center of the lip pop though, turns out beautiful, right alot with the lighter shades.

They feel real moisturizing, but they do not last long. But, what can you expect from a gloss that cost under $2, right?

Overall, I would say to pick one up and try it out for yourself, at least the clear one, I kind of wear it a TON. For under $2 you can’t really go wrong, and they are pretty nice in a pinch!

As for are they a Gem or Dud? I really can’t decide solely because I am not the biggest lip gloss fan, and I knew that going into this product purchase!

Let me know what you think! Any comments, concerns, or requests? Please let me know! I really need some inspiration!

XoXo Manda

Beauty Things I suck at!



I bring you a little bit of a different post today. Sometimes I get really down on myself, just like everyone does every now and then. When that happens, it really helps me a lot to remember that not everyone is perfect. I usually read FML posts. Today I thought I would talk about a few beauty things I suck at! On the off chance that reading about things I suck at helps someone to remember that no one is perfect, then I sure as heck would love to discuss my short comings!


I can not groom my own eye brows. I over pluck like a champ. Which in turn makes them harder to fill in. It takes me SO long to do my brows in the morning. I know brows are supposed to be sisters not twins, but mine usually don’t even look like cousins! My favorite way to fix this mistake though is to clean them up with concealer and to highlight my brow bone.

Winged liner:

I don’t believe anyone when they saw they always get it right on the 1st try. I for one, usually don’t get it right until like the 4th.  Most of the time I still have to clean them up, again with concealer.


Literally anything nails.. Even with the peel off clean up stuff.  I can’t cut them or file them evenly to save my life. When I paint them the polish ends up everywhere- even on furniture.

Skin care:

I am a huge advocate of buying the nice skin care because of the benefits. But, I often forget to even wash my face at night, on the nights I don’t shower ( on those nights I bathe). As for keeping up with a routine? Yeah right! No wonder I still get acne!

I know this post was a bit unorganized and thrown out on a whim. I just want to be able to help anyone in anyway I can, and I thought this would be a nice way- reminding everyone that no one is perfect, even though some of us pretend to be.  There are obviously many many more things I am literally the worst at, but these just happen to be the ones that bug me the most!

XoXo Manda

Back to School Makeup Easy AND Inexpensive


Hello internet!

Today I am coming at you with an easy back to school makeup look, that is ALL drugstore! By drugstore I do not mean brands that are inexpensive that you can only get online. I mean products that I could literally pick up right this second from my local drugstore if I needed it. Some of the products I used for this look are products I have been using since I was old enough to wear makeup. I have seen a few people do this recently so I decided to throw it in with a back to school look.

  • I started off by priming my face. I used the Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primer. I started using this primer when Hard Candy came to Wal-Marts near me, when I was in High School. It is a primer I still reach for. It is really inexpensive and does make makeup last longer. It is a light formula, so I have never noticed that it clogs my pores.
  • I then skipped to my eye brows, sense I usually have to clean them up with a concealer. I decided to use the Physicians Formula Brow duo. It comes with a pencil, brow bone high light, and a gel that is supposed to help nourish your brows.I have the lightest shade. I am not really into this type of pencil format. But, it is my favorite pencil in this format, if you get what I mean. I used the lightest brow shade in the ELF Mad for Matte palette to fill my brows in. I used my NYX beyond coverage pot concealer to clean them up. And to conceal my face. Physician’s Formula is a more expensive drugstore brand, and no I didn’t use it when I was younger.

  • I used the NYX Stay Matte But not Flat foundation in the shade Ivory.
  • I set my face with the ELF pressed translucent powder.
  • To contour and bronze I used the bronzer shade in the ELF “Fiji-Matte “duo. I use to use the non matte version and I used to be in love with it! I think it is “St. Lucia”, which I decided not to use today. I also used the blush in the duo. I love this little duo, it is so blendable and pigmented. This duo is $3!
  • To highlight I used the top 2 shades in the ELF Illuminate Palette. I love this little palette, I keep it out on my vanity sense I reach for it on the daily…it ‘s only $6!!


  • For my eyes I primed with the Jordana 12 hr wear pencil in “Continuous Almond”. Jordan is another great brand, that has some essentials that I reach for daily still, even over their higher end counter parts.
  • I set my eyes with the lightest shade in the ElF Mad for Matte palette. This is a $10 palette that I think everyone needs to have! I used the 3rd shade in this palette in my crease.
  • For the rest of my eye look I used the classic Wet n’ Wild Walking on Egg Shells trio. This little guy is fricking amazing. It is crazy pigmented and only like $3!! I used the lid shade on my lid, crease shade on my outer “V” and to deepen the crease. I used the brow bone shade on my brow bone and inner corner. Another eye shadow palette I think everyone needs.
  • I used the ELF Gel Liner in Black to do a wing and such. You can obviously skip this step, but I chose not to. This is not my favorite gel liner, not going to lie…I do not recommend it.
  • For my mascara i used the Essence Lash Princess. This is one of my favorite mascaras!! It is fantastic!! Go get it it is under $5!



  • For my lips I lined with Milani “Spice” and also used their lip stick in “Teddy Bare”. You could obviously opt for a gloss or something that needs less maintenance for school, something I wish I would have done back in the day.


Thank you so much for reading! I hope that you enjoyed this look! What are your favorite drugstore products for back to school?

XoXo Manda

5oo Follower GIVEAWAY!


I’m really flabbergasted that I have a little over 500 followers. I honestly thought this wasn’t going to get me anywhere and that no one was going to read. But, I guess I was wrong! Reaching 500 followers has given me the confidence to continue this blog and take other opportunities that I will be discussing in future posts! For now let’s talk this giveaway!

Sense this is thanks to all of y’all, I wanted to give back! One of you will win;

  • 2 Bio Republic sheet masks
  • 1 Freeman Aci berry mask (Which is my personal favorite mask)
  • 3 Farmacy brightening sheet masks
  • 3 Epielle Sheet masks
  • samples of the Josie Marian Liquid Illuminator, the SmashBox Primer Oil, and 3 Bite Beauty Lip masks
  • 1 Full Sized NYX Lip Suede in “Jet Set”
  • Plus a few more surprises!

How to enter:

Follow my instagram: _beautytidbits_blog

Follow my blog

Like and comment done on this post! Along with your all time favorite beauty must have!

The winner will be picked on August 5th through a name generator then you will be contacted and a post will be made sharing your blog, instagram, and all that jazz!

Thank you again so much guys, this literally means the world to me.

XoXo Manda

Let’s Talk Brows! Plus, My new FAVE Brow Product


Brows, brows, brows. Everyone and their mom is obsessed with them right now! Which is fine by me. I love how your brows can essentially literally change your face. Which is what brings this post to you today, my favorite way to do my brows, as of late. I apologize that the picture quality isn’t the best, I do have a tremor due to a medication I had to take when I was younger, sometimes it isn’t there sometimes it is really bad. Spoiler alert, when I was trying to get this brow shot it was bad, oh well I’ll take what I can get. In an up coming post you will see a better shot.


Some days I just do not dig the super thick and perfectly groomed brows. I like the more natural look lately.

  • I start off by using a spooly to brush through them a bit, just to clean them up.
  • Then I usually take my brow wiz and kind of out line the middle to ends to give myself a barrier. I however have lost my brow wiz and my new one has yet to arrive in the mail. So, for this I used the Colour Pop Pencil in “Dope Taupe”, which I am not too fond of, but I NEED A BROW PENCIL.
  • I then take my Real Techniques Brow Brush and fill them in with a powder. This time I used the powder from the ELF brow kit in light, it changes a ton.
  • I take a spooly again and brush the powder around to disperse it and get a tiny bit of product on the very front of my brows.
  • I take a concealer on whatever concealer brush is closest to me and clean them up around the perimeter.
  • Then I highlight my brow bone with whatever I feel like using. For this I used Colour Pop “Glow” which has been my go to lately.
  • Now, for my new favorite product. Glossier Boy Brow. Mine is in the shade “blond” and I am literally in love with it. I will never be able to not have it again. I use this as my last step, to set my brows and give them more volume.

The Boy Brow is really cool. It is a pomade, like the ones for your hair. It holds your brows in place, but doesn’t make them heavy or gunky. Which is my favorite thing about it. I HATE when my brows look crusty, and literally every other brow gel or products like it that I have used, do it. It is $16 and worth every penny. I also love the wand. It is small and tapered. I really enjoy that it is tapered, I mean come one your brow isn’t all one size so you need a wand that can help you get all your brows covered, but just your brows. Not parts of your face. If you have yet to try this product you need to, it is amazing and I don’t see anyone being disappointed in it.


Speaking of Glossier, here is an article from their blog into the gloss, to help you really learn to fill in your brows. “How to fill in your brows.”
It is really informative. I think it will be a great read for beginners to learn how to fill in their brows, obviously, or even pros, just as a great brow read!

I really hope that you enjoyed this post. Have any request or products I need to try? Comment below!!!

XoXo manda

Vegan Cuts Make-Up Box Summer 2016


Hello, Sunshine!!

This is the first ever Vegan Cuts makeup box! They have just started releasing this box quarterly. It is $39.95 each season and is ALL cruelty free and vegan!!! Isn’t that exciting? I think so.

The Products

Pacifica Dream Big Lash Extending 7 in 1 mascara ( $16 Value):I already know that I love this mascara a butt ton. I was really excited when I saw it in the box because it isn’t sold anywhere near me. It has an adjustable wand for length and volume, is a lash serum, and conditions your lashes on top of normal mascara stuff. The packaging is also pretty bomb. It is white, blue, and gold with unicorns! It is really cutesy without being obnoxious, which I think is hard to find.

Juice Beauty Defining Eyeliner “Black” ( $16 Value): This is a brand I have really been wanting to try, but didn’t want to spend the money on it. I NEVER hear it being talked about so I have been pretty iffy about spending that much money on their products. This liner has shea and coco butter,acai and goji berries in its formula so I am expecting it to be very soft. From the swatch I did I am not disappointed.

Your Minerals Eye Shadow “lavendar” ( $21 value): This is the only product I am not excited about. It is very shimmery, not a color I am really in to, and quite honestly not that pigmented. I personally prefer pressed shadows, much quicker.

Hynt Beauty Lip Gloss “Nude” ( $18 value): I really do not think this gloss is nude…at all. You will see why in just a second. The packaging is cute,  and the shade really does look beautiful! Even if it isn’t nude. It fits in pretty well with the whole metallic lip craze going on.

Bonus Item Amalie Beauty Wink Eyelash and Eyebrow Enhancer ( $40 value): You better believe I will be testing and reviewing this!  It is supposed to enhance and repair your brows and lashes, and God knows I need  both of those!

Color Product Swatches:


Gloss, Shadow, Liner

I really hope you enjoyed this post! What are your favorite vegan products?

XoXo Manda

MOTD *Muny Edition*

Today I bring you an exciting Makeup Of The Day. It is the look I did when I recently went to the Muny. I usually see every play that visits over the summer, but this year has been hectic. I only got to see one. If you are unware of what the Muny is, it is an outdoor play house in St.Louis, Mo. It is pretty fantastic!


I used the ABH Modern Renaissance palette to do my eyes. I just can not get enough of it!

I set the concealer I used as an eye primer with “Tempera”.

I used “Burnt Orange” as my transition shade.

I mixed “Raw Sienna” and “Cyprus Umber” To deepen my crease and pop my outer corner.

“Realgar” Is what I decided to use as  my lid shade and under my eye.

I used “Vermer” on my inner corner and brow bone.

I used my typical Kat Von D liner and Benefit They’re Real Mascara. My foundation was the Too Faced Born this way in “Snow” and the concealer of the same name in “Very Fair”.

I used the ELF contour palette on my face and nothing else! Of that sort at least.

For my lips I mixed Ofra liquid lipstick in “Laguna Beach” and NYX Liquid Suede in “Soft Spoken”. I am in love with how my lip turned out and I have been doing it this way a ton recently. I plan to do a separate post about it!


I really hope you enjoyed this look! Have any requests?

XoXo Manda

*BoxyCharm Un-Boxing* July 2016


Short and sweet. Boxy Charm is a $21 a month beauty subscription box.

This month theme is modern merbabes.

There is the short and sweet description, I really want to jump into telling y’all the contents!

Ofra Pro Palette with 6 shades $59 value:

Holy heck!! Is this amazing or what!!! You get a magnetic palette and 6 shades. I would have paid the $21 for this alone! The shades are great and I have been needing a magnetic palette. I am sorry, but this has me super pumped.

Mally Beauty Evercolor Starlight waterproof liner “Ice Blue” $18 value

This is already a formula I know I love. The shade is a really pretty baby blue and in my eyes is the perfect mermaid or merbabe color. I want to get more shades besides just the blue shades.

Noyah Lip Gloss “Malbec” $16 Value

The shade is really pretty and it is a super pigmented gloss. It isn’t too sticky, so it is a gloss I can actually see myself wearing. I will be reviewing this because it is pretty interesting. You will see why in the review, so stay tuned!

PYT Hair Argon Oil $30 Value

It shocks me that a hair oil can be $30! Is it really that different than the ones from the drugstore! If you are interested in learning more about this and seeing it compared to drugstore argon oil’s let me know.

Do you get Boxy Charm? What did you think about this month?

XoXo Manda

Vegan Cuts UnBoxing! July 2016


Hello everyone!

I bringeth you today my July Vegan Cuts unboxing! I love beauty boxes, it allows me to have something to look forward to every month! This specific box is $22.95 with free US shipping, and is all cruelty free and vegan! Pretty badass.

Let’s dig in to this box and see what this month brings. And some things I may review in the coming weeks.

Bodisafe Beauty Lip & Cheek Highlighter $20 value:

“Formulated with all- natural organic ingredients and ultra creamy shea butter, this lip and cheek line delivers natural hydration and color”

I am not going to say much about this because there is a review coming up shortly. It is different though.

Suntegrity Skincare $4.95 value:

” 3 in 1 facial care that serves as a makeup primer, sunscreen, and moisturizer.”

Just another almost empty sample tube. I have so many sample tubes of moisturizer. I will be reviewing this, I want to see how its 3 in 1 claim holds up!

Zoe Organics Refresh Oil $14 value:

“1005 organic aromatherapy oil blend to refresh your energy and ease your mind.”

My mind needs all the easing it can get, so I really hope it works. It smells just like my favorite sleepy time tea! So, far I am pretty happy with it.

Molly Rose Balms Ships and snails Lip Scrub $7 Value:

“Exfoliate your skin with ease…”

I love lip scrubs and I have really been wanting to try more from this brand. I will let y’all know how it goes! Isn’t the name great?

Nature’s Shea Butter $2.25 Value:

I got the Tangerine and Lime scent. I really don’t like it. I am just going to pass this a long.

Hello Tooth Paste Mojito Mint $1 value:

Who doesn’t need travel tooth paste? Can’t ever have enough. Pretty glad to have it.

Modicum Skincare Essential Serum $20 Value

“Facial serum boasting the ability to do it all from moisturizing your skin to diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.”

Always up for trying a new facial serum. This one sounds pretty great. I will keep you up to date on how well it actually works.

Have you tried vegan cuts or any of these products? Thoughts?

XoXo Manda