Glow Me! My recent most reached for highlighters


Lately high lighting is all the rage. It is obviously not a new concept, but I digress. It seems like the market has blown up with high lighting products in the past year, in all different forms. I personally do not own a TON of highlighters, because I know what I like. I did recently purchase a new product in this category, which has no impact on this post, because it is not here yet.


The highlighters I have been reaching for most are in a few different, I  suppose formats? For different purposes.



I am going to be talking about these products in the order that they are swatched, so that it will be more comprehensible.

Essence Soo Glow “Brighten Up Your Life” : This is a crazy inexpensive highlighter. It is only $3.50, which is kind of insane! I love it for a very subtle highlight, which I have been reaching for a lot lately. It is a cream to powder formula and I am really enjoying it in the MO summer weather.

Essence Soo Glow “Look on the Bright Side: This is another essence highlight that I really love to use as for the same purpose as mentioned above. It is just a  tiny bit more highlighty? It is also cream to powder and only $3.50.

Pixi Blush Duo “Rose Gold”: I have a review already for this product. I did not enjoy the blush, but loved the highlighter, this is still true. It is a beautiful yellow gold.

Cougar Beauty Mineral Face and Body Shimmer “Diamond Kiss”: This product came in, I believe, last months Boxy Charm. I thought I wasn’t going to get much use out of it, I am not one to reach for loose powders. I used this a few days after I got it, and now I am addicted. It gives a beautiful summer glow to the face. I actually really enjoy the shade on my light skin. You do get quite a bit of product so it will last a while. I had to convert the currency on their website, but it is roughly $22.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed “Opal”: This is the only Becca product I own and I want more of their highlighters so badly! This is by far my most used highlighter, all year round. It is beautiful and really does give you that BAM highlight. Yes, it is $38, but Jesus is it worth it!!

What are your most used highlighters?

XoXo Manda

5 thoughts on “Glow Me! My recent most reached for highlighters

  1. thebrightoner

    I have Opal it’s so pretty, also makes a lovely eyeshadow! I’ve been loving my Mary Louminizor or my Kiki eye shadow as a highligh (I did a review) xxx


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