*Product Review* E.L.F Matte Lip Crayons


Matte lips have been “all the rage”, I really hate that statement, for a while now. Finding a good matte lipstick that doesn’t dry out your lips is hard, and can get pretty expensive. I am here to help you narrow down that search, and hopefully save you some money.

The E.L.F Matte Lip Crayons are very inexpensive. in fact, they are only $3 on the ELF website, here.


I really love the simple black packaging. It isn’t too much and just looks really nice. I really appreciate that the color is on the bottom of the tube, so there isn’t much searching. I do wish the shade name was printed on the packaging itself, but sadly it is on a sticker.There doesn’t seem to be much of a smell, which I appreciate. They are also CF, I love that(:.


Everywhere! They are so readily available! I have seen them at Walmart, Dollar stores, Soon to be Ulta, and even grocery stores!  ELF is great about making them selves available to their large audience.


They go on very smooth, it feels pretty nice.


Praline, Cranberry, Wine


Natural, Tea Rose, Dash Of Pink, Nearly Nude

For $3, these suckers are really pigmented!


They do not stay too long on the lips. I usually find myself reapplying around the 3 hour mark. They do not, however, make my lips uncomfortable. I am honestly so surprised by how comfortable they are on the lips!


Yes, get them. You need them. They do not have all the fun colors that other brands are coming out with. But, for staple colors, these are fantastic! They get a full 5/5 from me, even though they do have a short wear time. They are so easy to apply though that it really is not an issue for me anyway.

What are your favorite matte lipsticks?

XoXO Manda

19 thoughts on “*Product Review* E.L.F Matte Lip Crayons

  1. See I really have been interested in elf lipsticks, so thanks so much for the review. The fact that they don’t last too long on the lips is a bit annoying, I think I’ll have to get one and try.

    My favourite lipsticks at retro matte Mac – they seem to last for ever! But a bit more expensive.



  2. misskarianne88

    Love this! I never wore lip sticks before because I would constantly have to re-apply and hate that! Have you heard of LipSense? It is amazing! I am a distributor for them and can not keep it in stock! One tube last as long as 4 regular lipsticks! And it’s actually cheaper when you break it down! I’m in love with it! I’d love for you to give a review on the product sometime! I’ve just started my blog recently as well.


      1. misskarianne88

        Neither had I until 2 weeks ago! We went to a rodeo and they had it there! I get it wholesale now and have boutiques and salons selling it in their shops thru me now! I made like a 1 minute video showing what it does and all my friends want it now! You for real have to check it out sometime if you have time! Let me know I can figure out a way to at least send you that video I made. And then you decide from there! But I know your going to want to get your hands on it and try it. 98% of people who have tried it buy a set right there it’s that good! I’m very much impressed with it! I’m just starting out in the blog world! Glad to see people actually do interact with each other here! I’m so new to it all! So far I like it! Let me know I could possibly email it too you or something. My email is Kari@gloss-and-gogirlz.com

        My moms dog is about to have puppies right now 🐶🐶🐶🐶 so I’ll be off here the rest of the night. If you want shoot me an email and I can send that info over for you! Have a good night.


      1. tanimalj

        Yes, there’s a lip crayon coming out too which is a lip liner and stain in one. I’ll review it when I can get one. Xxx


  3. I’m always so lit for simple black and/or white packaging! Also, I’ve heard so much about these but have yet to just casually come across a full review with some swatches! Cranberry looks like my perfect shade!


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