*Review* Colour Pop Brow Pencil “Dope Taupe”


I am forever on a search for a dupe for the brow wiz…that is also cruelty free, like the brow wiz. The Colour Pop Brow Pencils are only $5, which is MUCH less than the ABH Brow Wiz. But, is it as good or good at all?


There is a spooly on one end, which I find essential, and the product on the other end. It has the classic Colour Pop silver brand and product name. The mechanism of the packaging though…is terrible. Once you roll up the product you can not roll it back down. It kind of stops you from really seeing how much product is in there.


I found this hard to work with. It is an okay shade, but it is really creamy. There is no sort of actual wax that helps it stay in place and last. I have never had a brow product wear off so fast. In about 4 hours it seemed like it was moving away from where it is placed. Placement with this product isn’t as easy as it is with the brow wiz either, due to the creaminess. The creaminess also causes another problem, I go through it really fast. Like 2 weeks fast. Pretty much makes it add up, with time, to more than I would spend on a brow wiz.


Here is what it looks like after initial application and a little concealer clean up. Sorry, I have really dark eye lids and  had not done the rest of my makeup when I took this picture.

Unfortunately, this product was a waste for me. If this product worked for you, please teach me your ways!!

What brow pencils do you recommend?

XoXo Manda

6 thoughts on “*Review* Colour Pop Brow Pencil “Dope Taupe”

  1. Was thinking of placing an order with them now they do international shipping and now I know not to bother with this so thank you! 🙂 I really enjoy the NYX Brow pencil if I have to reach for one and the price-point isn’t half bad I use that, then the Eylure palette to keep the hairs in place and fill them in. Nice review 😀 ♥


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