Let’s Talk Brows! Plus, My new FAVE Brow Product


Brows, brows, brows. Everyone and their mom is obsessed with them right now! Which is fine by me. I love how your brows can essentially literally change your face. Which is what brings this post to you today, my favorite way to do my brows, as of late. I apologize that the picture quality isn’t the best, I do have a tremor due to a medication I had to take when I was younger, sometimes it isn’t there sometimes it is really bad. Spoiler alert, when I was trying to get this brow shot it was bad, oh well I’ll take what I can get. In an up coming post you will see a better shot.


Some days I just do not dig the super thick and perfectly groomed brows. I like the more natural look lately.

  • I start off by using a spooly to brush through them a bit, just to clean them up.
  • Then I usually take my brow wiz and kind of out line the middle to ends to give myself a barrier. I however have lost my brow wiz and my new one has yet to arrive in the mail. So, for this I used the Colour Pop Pencil in “Dope Taupe”, which I am not too fond of, but I NEED A BROW PENCIL.
  • I then take my Real Techniques Brow Brush and fill them in with a powder. This time I used the powder from the ELF brow kit in light, it changes a ton.
  • I take a spooly again and brush the powder around to disperse it and get a tiny bit of product on the very front of my brows.
  • I take a concealer on whatever concealer brush is closest to me and clean them up around the perimeter.
  • Then I highlight my brow bone with whatever I feel like using. For this I used Colour Pop “Glow” which has been my go to lately.
  • Now, for my new favorite product. Glossier Boy Brow. Mine is in the shade “blond” and I am literally in love with it. I will never be able to not have it again. I use this as my last step, to set my brows and give them more volume.

The Boy Brow is really cool. It is a pomade, like the ones for your hair. It holds your brows in place, but doesn’t make them heavy or gunky. Which is my favorite thing about it. I HATE when my brows look crusty, and literally every other brow gel or products like it that I have used, do it. It is $16 and worth every penny. I also love the wand. It is small and tapered. I really enjoy that it is tapered, I mean come one your brow isn’t all one size so you need a wand that can help you get all your brows covered, but just your brows. Not parts of your face. If you have yet to try this product you need to, it is amazing and I don’t see anyone being disappointed in it.


Speaking of Glossier, here is an article from their blog into the gloss, to help you really learn to fill in your brows. “How to fill in your brows.”
It is really informative. I think it will be a great read for beginners to learn how to fill in their brows, obviously, or even pros, just as a great brow read!

I really hope that you enjoyed this post. Have any request or products I need to try? Comment below!!!

XoXo manda

2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Brows! Plus, My new FAVE Brow Product

  1. Ah everyone keeps talking about boy brow!!! I’ve been using the benefit gimme grow and rele love it. I’ll have to check out boy brow once I’m done w that! Trying not to have too many of a similar type of product 😊


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