*Review* Colour Pop Brow Pencil “Dope Taupe”


I am forever on a search for a dupe for the brow wiz…that is also cruelty free, like the brow wiz. The Colour Pop Brow Pencils are only $5, which is MUCH less than the ABH Brow Wiz. But, is it as good or good at all?


There is a spooly on one end, which I find essential, and the product on the other end. It has the classic Colour Pop silver brand and product name. The mechanism of the packaging though…is terrible. Once you roll up the product you can not roll it back down. It kind of stops you from really seeing how much product is in there.


I found this hard to work with. It is an okay shade, but it is really creamy. There is no sort of actual wax that helps it stay in place and last. I have never had a brow product wear off so fast. In about 4 hours it seemed like it was moving away from where it is placed. Placement with this product isn’t as easy as it is with the brow wiz either, due to the creaminess. The creaminess also causes another problem, I go through it really fast. Like 2 weeks fast. Pretty much makes it add up, with time, to more than I would spend on a brow wiz.


Here is what it looks like after initial application and a little concealer clean up. Sorry, I have really dark eye lids and  had not done the rest of my makeup when I took this picture.

Unfortunately, this product was a waste for me. If this product worked for you, please teach me your ways!!

What brow pencils do you recommend?

XoXo Manda

*Ipsy UN-Bagging* July 2016

julyipsyHello Tidbitters! Does that greeting work? I feel like everyone else has a greeting.

I bring you my July Ipsy un-bagging on this fine Saturday. If you are some how not aware Ipsy is a beauty subscription service and gives you 5 products and a makeup bag for $10 each month.

I personally like to start each review with the bag itself.

The Bag

Is this months bag just summer embodied or what!? It is holo, with little beach umbrellas, and the “Ipsy” looks like it is under water! I do not get to go to the beach this year, so any little thing that brings me closer in very welcomed. Besides that, it seems to be very sturdy, which is also very welcomed.

The Products

Luxie 215 Angle liner brush: Cute pink and rose gold brush, I believe from the Luxie Rose Gold Collection. The hairs are crazy soft and it all seems to be made very nicely. I has a nice feel in the hand as well. For some reason mine has an overwhelming smell of paint. Anyone have this issue as well or is it just me? Price: $10

Be Fine food skin care night cream: I do not think I can take anymore moisturizing samples. But, I digress. This product has cocoa, millet, and rice bran ( along with a shit tone of other stuff they didn’t want to put on the front.) It is allergen free, fragrance free, and has vegetarian proteins. It is 1 Fl. Oz. It is actually a really good consistency for the hotter summer nights and is; in fact, fragrance free. I will probably actually get some use out of this. Price: $15.99-$30

The Balm Meet Matte Trimony Single “Matt Kumar”: I am just going to jump in to this and say I love the shadow so much that I bought the palette from Ipsy. It is so creamy and pigmented! Price: $22 on Ipsy as of last night (7/15/16) Normal :$42

Model Launcher Felt Tep Liner “Emerald Isle”: The shade is pretty and pnce it dries ( which is quick) it does not budge. It isn’t as pigmented as I would like it to be, so we will see how much use I get out of it. Price: $13

Trestique mini highlight stick “Maldives Luminescent”: I have literally only seen this brand when Ipsy is involved. I digress. I really like the packaging. It reminds me of a cheaper version of the Marc Jacobs pencil products only it is matte black not a silver. I perfer matte black.The high light itself is beautiful and I have already gotten quite a bit of use out of it. Makes me want to try more of the brand.the sample size is 0.04 Oz. Price: $34 (mother of God)


**All prices listed are FULL SIZE.**

Overall, I am really happy with this months bag! Ipsy is fantastic and you really do get way WAY more than what you pay for. Each month just seems to get better and better.

What was in your Ipsy bag this month?

XoXo Manda

*Product Review* E.L.F Matte Lip Crayons


Matte lips have been “all the rage”, I really hate that statement, for a while now. Finding a good matte lipstick that doesn’t dry out your lips is hard, and can get pretty expensive. I am here to help you narrow down that search, and hopefully save you some money.

The E.L.F Matte Lip Crayons are very inexpensive. in fact, they are only $3 on the ELF website, here.


I really love the simple black packaging. It isn’t too much and just looks really nice. I really appreciate that the color is on the bottom of the tube, so there isn’t much searching. I do wish the shade name was printed on the packaging itself, but sadly it is on a sticker.There doesn’t seem to be much of a smell, which I appreciate. They are also CF, I love that(:.


Everywhere! They are so readily available! I have seen them at Walmart, Dollar stores, Soon to be Ulta, and even grocery stores!  ELF is great about making them selves available to their large audience.


They go on very smooth, it feels pretty nice.


Praline, Cranberry, Wine


Natural, Tea Rose, Dash Of Pink, Nearly Nude

For $3, these suckers are really pigmented!


They do not stay too long on the lips. I usually find myself reapplying around the 3 hour mark. They do not, however, make my lips uncomfortable. I am honestly so surprised by how comfortable they are on the lips!


Yes, get them. You need them. They do not have all the fun colors that other brands are coming out with. But, for staple colors, these are fantastic! They get a full 5/5 from me, even though they do have a short wear time. They are so easy to apply though that it really is not an issue for me anyway.

What are your favorite matte lipsticks?

XoXO Manda

Medusa’s Makeup Bronzer “Sun Kissed”


I got this bronzer in my last Vegan Cuts Box, and if you happened to read it , here,   you would know that I did not believe I would get much use out of it.

This bronzer is $12 and can be bought at this link.



The Pesto

Look at that packaging!It is really pretty and unique. I love the Aztec design done in gold on the purple. The bronzer comes in a large pan, 10g net weight.

There is a neat design on the bronzer itself, I think it adds a nice touch. There isn’t really a smell,which is nice, and it isn’t the softest bronzer ever. I attribute that to the shimmer in it. No, the shimmer is not obnoxious.

The product is CF and Vegan ❤


Okay, so this product is not very readily available. The only place I have ever seen them is their website. I know there are a lot of people who prefer to be able to try a product, or at least swatch it, before they buy it. So, the availability is a bit of an issue to me.




I like to use a fluffy brush to apply this product. My favorite lately has been the Eco Tools brush in the picture. I could not find the collection it got it with online, but I got it at Wal-Mart.

It goes on and blends nicely. It does not appear too orange or shimmery, even on my fair skin tone.


I tried to do a swatch using the brush along with the concentrated swatch, but nothing would show up.  Which goes to show, that it is not as pigmented as the swatch makes it appear to be. I do like the nice summer glow the bronzer gives me.


I was surprised that the wear time of this product was so long. The longest I have worn it was 9 hours, and it did not look too shabby after 9 hours or working. It also did not appear to oxidize on my skin, which is fantastic.

Over all

I love this brand. It is CF, has a ton of Vegan products,  and they are very informative when it comes to their ingredients. For only $12 I would say that this is a fantastic bronzer to give a try!

Have you tried any products from Medusa’s Makeup?

XoXo Make Up

Glow Me! My recent most reached for highlighters


Lately high lighting is all the rage. It is obviously not a new concept, but I digress. It seems like the market has blown up with high lighting products in the past year, in all different forms. I personally do not own a TON of highlighters, because I know what I like. I did recently purchase a new product in this category, which has no impact on this post, because it is not here yet.


The highlighters I have been reaching for most are in a few different, I  suppose formats? For different purposes.



I am going to be talking about these products in the order that they are swatched, so that it will be more comprehensible.

Essence Soo Glow “Brighten Up Your Life” : This is a crazy inexpensive highlighter. It is only $3.50, which is kind of insane! I love it for a very subtle highlight, which I have been reaching for a lot lately. It is a cream to powder formula and I am really enjoying it in the MO summer weather.

Essence Soo Glow “Look on the Bright Side: This is another essence highlight that I really love to use as for the same purpose as mentioned above. It is just a  tiny bit more highlighty? It is also cream to powder and only $3.50.

Pixi Blush Duo “Rose Gold”: I have a review already for this product. I did not enjoy the blush, but loved the highlighter, this is still true. It is a beautiful yellow gold.

Cougar Beauty Mineral Face and Body Shimmer “Diamond Kiss”: This product came in, I believe, last months Boxy Charm. I thought I wasn’t going to get much use out of it, I am not one to reach for loose powders. I used this a few days after I got it, and now I am addicted. It gives a beautiful summer glow to the face. I actually really enjoy the shade on my light skin. You do get quite a bit of product so it will last a while. I had to convert the currency on their website, but it is roughly $22.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed “Opal”: This is the only Becca product I own and I want more of their highlighters so badly! This is by far my most used highlighter, all year round. It is beautiful and really does give you that BAM highlight. Yes, it is $38, but Jesus is it worth it!!

What are your most used highlighters?

XoXo Manda

…Colour Pop Haul…Yes, I have a Problem.


Yes, another Colour Pop haul. I just want it all! And no, I still haven’t gotten any face products or liquid lipsticks. But, next order I will! Let’s focus on this order first.



I made this order over the 4th of July weekend, so I got 3 free mini lip glosses, sense I spent $45. The 3 glosses I chose were “Piranha”, “Weho”, and “Finders  Keepers”.

I also purchased a Lippie Stick in the shade “Creature”.

I am not too fond of the pink gloss, but I really like all the other lip products. But, I did only chose “Piranha” because of the name, so I am not sure what I expected.



Super Shock Shadows have been pretty hit or miss for me, I have learned not to buy (most) of the matte shades and a lot of the satin shades aren’t great either.

This order I got “Slave2Pink”, which I have been toying with getting for a while. I am glad I did, it is beautiful. It is a pressed pigment. The last two shades on my arm “Fizz” and “Glow Six” are also pressed pigments. I have been waiting for these to restock for a while, I am a little disappointed in their quality. (I have no Idea why I didn’t just swatch these 3 shades together, but oh well.)

Now, back to the order of how they are swatched. I have heard a lot of good things about “Wattles”. Kathleen Lights uses it a lot, so I had to get it. I am pretty pleased with it thus far.

“Doe a Deer” is the next shade. This is a satin and I am sure you can tell it is lacking in pigmentation. I hope I can use it in some way, because the shade is pretty, but we will see.

“Liberty” Is this not an amazing silver! It is probably the most pigmented shadow I have from Colour Pop, I can’t wait to do a look with it!

The last shade is “Flower Shop”. This is another shade I have seen a lot of people use. It is much more true Green than I thought it would be. I’m not mad about it at all tough! The shimmer creates an almost yellow duo-chrome, it’s interesting.

I hope you enjoyed this haul and that I actually swatched the products. I will be doing this more to be as informative as possible. Sorry for not being as active lately, life has been pretty meh. Thanks for stopping by!

XOXO Manda

A Natural Look: Using ABH Modern Renaissance


Hello Everyone! I am back from my 4th of July vacation, and I am bringing you a post that I find very helpful. One big thing that I look for when buying new palettes is if it is versatile. Unless, I am getting it for a specific reason  ( like when I buy Sugar Pill Palettes).

I have decided to bring you a look using the new ABH palette that is more nude, but still has a bit of a pinky tone to it.


  • I set my lid with “tempera”
  • Used “Golden Ochre” as my transition shade.
  • I then used “Raw Sienna” in my outer corner and crease.
  • Then on my lid I used “Buon Fresco” which I actually love, I thought I would hate it.
  • I then used “Cyprus Umber” just a bit in my outer v
  • I warmed up the look a bit by lightly blending with “Burnt Orange”.
  • I used “Tempera” to highlight my brow bone.
  • “Vermeer” was the shade that I used to highlight my inner corner.

Let me know what you think! How do you like to use this palette?

XoXO Manda

Oops….Another Colour Pop Haul


I have a bad addiction, Colour Pop. I just can’t get enough. Except for the face products and liquid lipsticks, for some reason I just haven’t gotten into those yet.

I purchased 5 shadows:

  • Knight
  • Alchemy (both from the Jamie King colab)
  • So Quiche
  • Nillionaire
  • Vanity Fair (Also from the Jamie King Colab)


I decided to try their brow pencils. I got the one in “Dope Taupe”.

I also purchased two of their new sculpting sticks! I got Releve and Dove.

I am so excited to try this out for you!

what are your Colour Pop must haves?

XoXo Manda

*Boxy Charm Sample Review* The Brow Gal


There isn’t all that much I can say about a clear brow gel, so this review will be simple and sweet!

I really like how sleek the packaging is, and it is a pretty nice size as well. I do not really enjoy the smell it gives off and quite honestly, it doesn’t give as strong of a hold as I like. If you like a lighter hold on your brows though I think you will love this product! It does last a very long time, but there is no way I am going to pay $20 for a clear brow gel that I am not in love with. I personally prefer the essence clear brow gel that is only around $3, so I will not be purchasing this one. But if you want to, get it here! Shipping is always free by the way!

Have you tried this brand? What are your must have brow products??

XoXO Manda


Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance


Obviously, this post is going to be about the beautiful and hyped up ABH Modern Renaissance palette! This palette is $42, which I think is a fantastic price for a high end palette. You can get it here.

Is it worth all of the hype it gets? Let’s find out.


The packaging is a beautiful dusty rose with the palette name in white and the comapny name in rose gold. I usually really dislike pink, but this shade of pink looks old and I enjoy that. I have heard a ton of people complaining about the texture of the packaging. It has a velvet texture, which can get messy easy.I personally do not have a problem with this, but I can see why others would. The packaging seems pretty durable, so I wouldn’t be worried about traveling with it.

The mirror inside of the palette is really nicely sized, I have taken to using it when I do my makeup. The layout of the shades and the selection is absolutely gorgeous. I just want to stare at it!


There is no smell (or taste), which is good and expected of this palette. The shadows are extremely buttery. Probably some of the softest I have ever felt.



If you are near a Sephora or Ulta this palette is readily available. If not you can order it only from multiple sites! Above I linked Sephora.


These shadows go on so nicely and blend out like a dream. Becasue they are so buttery there is quite a bit of fall out, but this can easily be corrected with a fan brush or concealer. There are so many different ways that you can use this palette, it is amazing. The look I will be posting is the first look I did. I will continue to post looks with this palette and show you all the different looks you can do!


  • I used “Rax Sienna” and “Burnt Orange” in my crease.
  • I then put a mix of “Venetian Red” and ‘Love Letter” on my lid.
  • “Antique Bronze” is what I used on my outer corner and to deepen my crease
  • I used “Venetian Red” to smoke out my lower lash line
  • “Tempera” is what I used to highlight my brow bone and  I used “Primavera”on my inner corner.



I had this look on for a little over 8 hours and it still look great when I went to wash it off!

I give this palette a 5/5! I am in love with it, I am so glad I purchased it. It is unlike anything else I own.I highly recommend it!

Have you tried this palette? What are you favorite looks to do with it? What are your must have palettes?

XoXO Manda