A Few E.L.F Reviews + A Small Rant

I have recently made a few ELF purchases, and I am slowly but surely going to be trying out and reviewing them all for you. ELF is becoming more and more popular, due to its good quality and inexpensive price tags, but are all the products worth purchasing? Today I am going to give you the run down of my thoughts on 3 products, and a tiny rant.

Bronzer Palette “Bronze Beauty” $6


ELF has recently came out with quite a few face palettes. The each have for different slots for product, with pans that pop out so you can customize them however you like. They do not sell the pans separately, maybe someday. There is a palette called “deep bronze”, that is deeper than this one. All four of the shades are either matte or shimmer in finish, and are all pretty soft for $6.


I have really been enjoying this palette on my very fair skin, it has become my favorite way to create a bronzed and glowy look. I do however, wonder if it’ll be dark enough for medium skin tones. Might be a good idea to go with “deep bronze” if you fall in that category, just to be safe. I see why this is a top rated product on their site, it blends out beautifully and gives you  quite a few options, only for $6!!

Baked Highlighter “Moonlight Glow” $4


I bought this highlighter because it is RAVED about all over the beauty blogesphere. I have no idea why. I had to really work to get any pigmentation at all, even with fix plus.  It feels dry and almost as if there is a layer of something over top the product. I was really disappointed, I really wanted to fall for a $4 highlight. I am still considering trying the other two shades, maybe I just got a bad batch?


This swatch took a TON of work to get, even with my finger sprayed with fix plus. I would pass, but then again how can so many people love it if it is that bad? I really think I just got a dud.

Day to Night Lip Duo “Graphic Minimalist” $5


Unfortunately, this shade is no longer available. It was LE, made in a collab with Tracy and Stef from Eleventh Gorgeous, on youtube. They are so sweet, and probably my favorite youtuber’s so I had to buy their collab. I love it. I love the product, the shades, the lasting power, all of it! For $5 I wasn’t expecting much, but because of this product I now hold ELF’s lip products to a higher expectation.


I really like creme finishes on the lips, so I was all about this not being “in” with the matte trend. The shades are a warm nude “day”, and a cranberry plum “night”. Both are BEAUTIFUL! The staying power of these lip sticks is good for $5. I did have to reapply through out the day, but not as often as I thought I would have to. They wear very comfortably on the lips, and do not have a lasting scent. If you can, I would check out their other shades in this range!

Now for my rant…

My past to ELF orders have arrived terribly. The 1st one had a broken palette that got all over EVERYTHING. It was all just shipped in a big box, nothing was there to cushion during shipment. My next order arrived with 2 items missing! Yes, their CS responds in a timely manner to address the issue, but I haven’t had this issue with any other companies, especially not this frequently. Has anyone else had this problem with ELF?

What are your favorite ELF products? What brands and products do you want to see reviewed?

XoXo Manda

10 thoughts on “A Few E.L.F Reviews + A Small Rant

  1. I’ve been so tempted by Elf products as they’re so affordable, but I’m out off by that delivery issue…I’m one for wanting everything to be exactly as I expected when I receive it (isn’t everybody) and cannot be bothered with the faff of returns etc. Hmm xx


      1. Aw we don’t have Ulta here, we have boots and superdrug (kind of like your Ulta and Sephora?) so I think it would have to be online. I’ll have to look it up I guess xx


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