500 Follower Giveaway Winner!!


Today is the day. My first ever give away is over and it is time to announce a winner!

My winner is…….

Crazy Jess!!!!

If you have not followed her blog yet, you really should! She talks a lot about makeup, which is my favorite thing ever, but she also talks about her process of becoming a foster parent. If you know follow my blog, you know that I gave my son up for adoption. The fact that “Crazy Jess” and her family are letting other children into their home and  hearts is amazing. It isn’t an easy thing to do, and I really wish there were more people who had enough love in their hearts to love other peoples children like their own. SO, I am honored to announce her as my FIRST ever giveaway winner!

XoXO Manda

4 thoughts on “500 Follower Giveaway Winner!!

  1. Omgosh that post made me cry (in a good way). Thank you for the kind words. This is definitely an exciting journey that’s for sure. If we can make a difference in just one littles ones life then it’s all worth it.

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