My hygiene favorites!


Greetings! (As you can tell I am still working on an opener.)

I talk a ton about makeup products on here, but a big part of doing well with your makeup is taking care of yourself. I like really specific things when it comes to the hygiene products that I use, and purchase for my house hold, so I figured it would be a nice thing to share!

In Shower:


These huge bottles are $1.99 at the drug store, is that not a fantastic price! Josiah and I share shampoo and conditioner, which in turn causes us to go through them a bit quickly. So, the inexpensive price is perfect for me.

It also smells AHHHHMAZING! I need products that are unisex, coconut is a pretty unisex scent in my opinion. Josiah doesn’t seem to think it is too feminine anyway.Out of all the hair products I have tried, the suave shampoo and conditioner is what makes my hair the softest, makes me very happy!


Another product that we share. I need something that is moisturizing, but also doesn’t contain much fragrance. This guy seems to do the trick! I usually purchase the big pump size. Sometimes If I am at Wal-Mart I will usually purchase the Equate version, just to save a little extra cash.


Razor heads are expensive. For some reason I really hate dropping the money for them, so I buy disposable ones. I am trying different ones to decide which I prefer, so far the Bic Soleil are winning! Let me know if you have any suggestions!


My legs are awkwardly dry and sensitive. It’s kind of a big problem for me. This has been my favorite shaving cream to use by far! It doesn’t dry out my skin and I do not develop a rash after I use it. I usually develop a rash after shaving if I stray to a different product. This is due to the fact that it doesn’t contain much fragrance.


Sense my skin is so dry I have to exfoliate frequently. I usually end up purchasing this scrub. It is easy to get my hands on, actually it is one of the only scrubs I can get my hands on quickly. The tropical mango scent is the one I prefer.

This product isn’t overly grainy, meaning that pain  is not an issue with this product, as I have noticed it is with some others.


Josiah and I have too very different skin types, but I don’t want to spend a ton of money on our in shower face wash. This oil free one is pretty great for my dry skin and his cystic acne prone skin. Again, if I am at Wal- Mart I usually pick up the equate version to save a few bones.

After shower/ morning products (not skin care):


I really enjoy this natural brush. The bristles are soft and it isn’t as expensive as other natural brushes.


Tom’s is a pretty good brand if you want to buy natural hygiene products, but don’t want to throw down the big bucks that most of them seem to cost.

I personally prefer a whitening tooth paste, Josiah does as well so it all works out. I hate the scent (and taste) of spearmint and mint in gum and tooth paste. I actually hate gum in general, chewing it or seeing it be chewed, but anyway….This tooth paste isn’t overly minty, like at all. It is almost flavorless!


Desert Essence is a VERY inexpensive natural brand. I actually picked this product up because it was so highly raved about by a Vegan beauty vlogger I follow. I enjoy the “cinna-mint” taste, which actually is more cinnamon in flavor than mint. I actually can’t get this product any where near me, so when I go up to St. Louis I usually pop by Whole Foods and pick up one or two of these gentlemen.

I know using two different deodorants is a bit excessive, but each hold  a different purpose.

I use the Suave Clinical Protection one during the day. It lasts while I am at work, and I really love the Suave coconut scent. I use to have very little body odor, but spawing causes a womens body to change, some times drastically. TMI, but who cares, we are all human here.

I use the Tom’s long lasting in “Lavender” at night before I go to bed. I don’t want to wake up smelly or smell like body odor while in bed, sense obviously the Significant Other shares it with me. I would only use this, but it doesn’t go very far through out the day, at all.


I got this product in a Vegan Cuts box and fell in love! It is a facial toner, the best one ever! It has no scent, which is best for skin care and is super hassle free. Instead of having to pour it on a cotton pad, you just spray it on your face. Boom that’s it, done! I use this after my shower, when I get up, and sometimes a bit through out the day.

I really hope you liked this post! What are your hygiene must haves?

XoXo Manda

7 thoughts on “My hygiene favorites!

  1. So many new things that I’ve got to try out now, especially that body wash because I too am not here for a lot of fragrance! Also, my razor recommendations (and also the only ones that don’t seriously irritate my skin) are the Schick Hydrosilk ones and the Schick Quatro razors.


    1. I am going to have to try those razors, I have the hardest time finding ones that I like, but don’t kill my wallet. The body wash is fantastic, and there is literally no difference between the Olay and the inexpensive version!
      Thank you for reading, hope you continue to!!

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