Medusa’s Makeup NEW Sub Box! *Un-Boxing*


I have a bad addiction to Sub Boxes. It is like getting gifts every month! It gives me something to look forward to, I really love it.

Today, we are going to be taking a look at a new one, by the company Medusa’s Makeup. Medusa’s Makeup is a cruelty free, mostly vegan, indie brand. The packaging is all really cute, and their products come in a ton of fun colors.

The box itself is $15.95, here.

It came in a mailer just like Ipsy’s, above is what was inside. I really like the sticker. I know its just something small, but little things like that really get me.


Then inside the foam were these 2 cute little packages! I took pictures of the front and back, just so you could see how adorable it is.


I got four products this month. Pretty great, right?

  • I got the glitter in “Ozone”, which retails for $7.
  • The lip gloss in “Loverboy”, which retails for $9.
  • An eye dust in “Brown Sugar”. The price for this item varies depending on the size you pick.
  • Lastly, I got a lipstick in the shade “Baroque”, retails for $12.


Lipstick, then gloss.

Here are the lip products swatched. I didn’t want to open the eye products just yet, the do not have a sifter. If you enjoy eye pigments and glitter, this brand sells literally every shade you could want!

The lipstick is a bit sheer, but the gloss is beautiful! The lipstick is also beautiful, but not as bold as I thought it would be.

If you enjoy indie brands, eye pigments, glitters, or partake in the Vegan and/or CF life, I think you would enjoy this monthly box. I am going to be looking forward to getting more from this brand!

What monthly beauty subs do you love? What indie brands do you love? Have you tried Medusa’s makeup?

XOXO Manda

4 thoughts on “Medusa’s Makeup NEW Sub Box! *Un-Boxing*

  1. Looks great I get the lookfantastic subscription box. its ok I just sometimes wish there was more in the way of makeup products if you or anyone is interested I have written a review on my blog.


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