My Essential Beauty Tools. (That aren’t brushes/sponges.)


I don’t really see many posts about essential beauty tools, besides brushes and sponges. So, I figured why not contribute mine. Something being essential is very different from person to person, today I will just be discussing mine.


Tweezers are good for so many things. Plucking stray brow hairs, plucking out the occasional oddly placed, dark facial/neck hair. But, for a pair of tweezers to be useful, they obviously have to be good quality. My favorite are Emite Makeup Tweezers, $25.

Obviously, they do not have to be pricey to be good, but these are the best that I have found thus far.


Some people say lash curlers make no difference, I personally swear that they do. My all time favorite lash curler is the ELF Mechanical Eye Lash Curler. It is only $2 at Target! The little rubber pieces are replaceable, it is $1 for a 4 pack.


Small hair trimmers. Sometimes I am too lazy to pluck my brows, this is a quick way to groom them, and still be able to be precise. The Remington one, which is the one I prefer, has a nose hair trimmer attachment. Everyone has nose hair, some of us just have an issue with it, I am guilty. This trimmer is $17.94 at Wal-Mart.


Super cheap and easy to find, tape. It can be used to guide liner and shadows, can act as an alternative to shadow shields, it can be used to create a really sharp contour, and people are starting to use it to assist in mess-free liquid lipstick application. I use it mostly when I am doing a sharp eye look.


This next one is different than the others, but it is a must use for me. logical harmony.

Run by Tashina Combs, this blog is the end all be  all for cruelty free and vegan information. Beauty products, house hold items. even some food. Tashina is very knowledgeable and eloquent, which is something I really look for, especially in someone that I am looking to for product recommendations. If you are just starting to get in to the CF and/or Vegan life style this blog is perfect!

What are your must have tools?

XoXo Manda

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