August 2016 Vegan Cuts Beauty Box Un- Boxing.


Hello fellow beauty junkies.

Today I bring you my August 2016 Vegan Cuts beauty box unboxing. If you are unaware of what Vegan Cuts is, you are really missing out. It is a website where you can buy all sorts of natural, CF, and vegan stuff! They have 3 different sub boxes. A snack one, which I don’t get because I am a picky eater and know what I like. I really like kale chips to snack on, FYI. A beauty box; which is what this post is about, and a makeup box (which is annual) that I have also reviewed.

In this box you get 4-7 products each month and it is only $18.75!! Sign up here, P.S. Not an affiliate link.

In this months box, I got a few things I have been wanting to try, because I have read rave reviews from other CF bloggers. It is pretty exciting, let’s jump in!

Yes to Carrots (tomatoes) detoxifying charcoal facial wipes $5.99 value:

In one of Rhian HY’s recent videos she talks about these puppies. Says they are, “The most goth face wipe I have ever seen.” Makes me giggle. This spiked my interest in them, so I was very excited to see them in my box!

Derma E Purifying Daily Detox Scrub $2 Value:

I love little travel scrubs, because I do travel quite often…at least to my parents house. I have heard good things about this brand, glad I get to try a sample. Apparently it has marine algae in it, neat.

You can also get a personalized vegan skin care routine at

If you use the code VEGAN16 at check out you can get 20% off!!

Green and Gorgeous Organics Lavender and Bergamot Dry Shampoo $7.99 value:

I have yet to try a natural dry shampoo, I am interested to see how well it works. I am very elated that it is scented with my favorite scent combination!

Adorn Cosmetics Mineral Loose Illuminiser Sample $5 Value:


Inside a small sample pot, like the ones some Sephoras use to put foundation samples in, was a lose powder. When spread out the powder gives off a really pretty peachy glow. I am a bit put off by the packaging, it can get messy. BUT, I want to make a point to use it, it is beautiful and it is an Australian brand, which I think is kind of neat. I wouldn’t pay $5 for the small amount of product though.

If you use the code VEGANCUTS during checkout you will receive $10 off your purchase on their site.

Deco Miami Polish in “Petite Palm” $12.50 value:


Let me start of by saying, is the packaging not perfect!? Even the box is too cute to throw away! This is an 8 -free polish or top coat. The box says 2 coats should do the trick. I can’t wait to test it out. Really glad that I got the one in my favorite color. It even matches my bed sheets, which I decided to use as the back ground until I can decide on a more permanent flat lay. Sorry that it isn’t super crisp.

Pacifica Color Quench Lip tint in “Sugared Fig” $7 value:


I let out an embarrassing squeal when I saw this product in my box. Tashina from Logical Harmony recently posted a video of her 5 favorite vegan and CF lip balms. This was one of them! I was going to buy it on my own over the weekend while I was at Target, now I don’t have too. Even though I will probably buy more. The shade is very perfect for my natural lip color, it adds a tint but just enough. It also smells delicious. It makes me think of candy stores!

What do you think of this box? I am in love! What are your favorite CF and/or Vegan LIP PRODUCTS? Let’s discuss in the comments!

XoXo Manda

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